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Akceptu, mondo, nin amike !
Elena Puhova & Mikaelo Bronsxtejn - Russian Federation

CD 12 titles - 40:10 mn

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Produced by Elena Puhova & Mikaelo Bronsxtejn © 2003

At her youngest age, Elena Pohuva began following courses at the Moscow Music Academy, and 'born a singer', as she says, is now member of the Russian Composers Union and accounts for several works such as the 'Ombro Ballet' or the 'Tom Sawyer Opera'. Meeting with Esperanto poet, translator and minstrel, Mikaelo Bronsxtejn, was at the origin of more than fifty lyric creations where Elena's remarkable vocal talent ardently carries the words of Mikaelo beyond the barriers of language ... or is it the opposite ? Elena qualifies this album as undefinable, somewhere between songs, ballads and romance, and we would gladly add, sober and clear as Esperanto...

All the music was made from digitized sounds from which Elena has pulled a surprisingly natural mood !