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Jxus per kares'
Ralph Glomp - Germany

CD 11 titles - 40:24 mn

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Produced by Nigra Kato - Ralph Glomp © 2003

From year to year, Ralph's hometown, Hamburg, welcomes thousands of young people for the "Schlager Move", a Pop Music revival get-together for the greatest pleasure of the fans and nostalgics of that particular sound era. Ralph never fails to contribute his talent, style and quite recognizable voice, and presents us with some of the esperanto versions of the famous hits he likes to play there along with several of his own numbers. Those of you who visited the World Congress of Esperanto in Götteborg will surely recognize the "Song of Götteborg" which is no other than "Waterloo" by Abba who exceptionally accepted a non-English remake of one their songs.

Also featured, two versions of "Espero" (the Esperanto Anthem), one electrified according to Ralph's vision, and the other, a more traditional appoach. The Cd booklet contains all the lyrics.