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La Mevo - Japan

CD 23 titles - 73:37 mn

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Produced by La Mevo © 2003

Japanese Saeki Hirojuki and Ono Takao, from Yokohama, founded La Mevo in 1986, shortly before the Esperanto Centenial ! After release of their first cassette, Nomkarto (Calling card), Micujama Josxiro joined Takao and recorded the second cassette, Bluo (Blue). Some time latter La Mevo produced a third and last album, Vizagxoj (Faces). Takao wrote the texts, composed the music and sings alone. The music is a simply rythmed pop style sound, mostly done with computer controled synthetizers, mixed with sequencers and string instruments.

Today, this anthlology of the group's entire production, all gathered on one Cd, comes as a delight to collectors and let's us imagine something new might be boiling for the near future ...

The integral of "Nomkarto" (1986), "Bluo" (1991), "Vizagxoj" (1993). Also featured "Flava blankul'" recorded for Vinilkosmo-Kompil' in 1995.