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Kaj Stridell - Sweden

CD 11 titles - 49:56 mn

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Produced by Kaj Stridell © 2004

Famous Esperanto-Jazz musician, Kaj Stridell, from the Swedish jazz band "Trattbandet", has released this first Esperanto-Jazz CD with his own quintet. Kaj has made Esperanto translations of five "evergreens" from "The Great American Song Book", as is called the treasure of songs from the first half of the 20th century, the "Golden Era" of American Music !

The CD also presents six instrumental numbers from that same period. The playing style of the band is part "Dixieland" as in "Bill Bailey", "My Gal Sal", "Ain´t Misbehavin´" and "Margie" while the other tunes are "Swing-Ballads" from the 1930-40-50ies.

The other musicians, from the mid-Swedish region of Västerås, all started playing in the 40-ies and are still busy making music daily. Kaj Stridell leads the 30-year old "Trattbandet" also featuring, his piano player Pelle Hettman, and his trombone and cornet player, Pelle Dywling. The Bass player, Anders Johansson, has his own band with drummer Walter Andersson and the Trattbandet pianist Pelle Hettman. On one track, however, bass and drums are played by Trattbandet bass player, Peter Teglund, and drummer Pär Hettman.

These musicians have known each other so well and for so long, that virtually no preparation was needed to bring this project to life. In fact, the whole CD was recorded in 5 hours over a single day.

This CD is unique, for jazz lovers and collectors alike !