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Strika Tango - Argentina

CD 16 titles - 45:58 mn

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17.10 VAT included  ( European Union )
Produced by Vinilkosmo © 2004

Since his rather imposing performance in 1999, Strika Tango leader, Alejandro Cossavella, playing with La Porkoj at the time (vkkd23), one could think of his crude rock sound as an irreversible vow to sledge hammer Zamenhof's language through barriers and armoured doors. Was this a lack of sufficient musical culture or technique, or was he simply too impatient to act more subtly ? Well, too bad for his unconditional fans as well as his detractors, Alejandro is a civilized, multi-talented artist who has only began showing to what extent !

This new album is deeply worthy of the inter-cultural purpose of Esperanto, and the author, who claims allegiance to a project 'beyond language', did not hesitate to let keyboards, horns, and some percussions be recorded by musicians from different backgrounds, thousands of kilometres away from his domestic circle. This occurred in our "La Trappe" recording studio within the Vinilkosmo walls, and has granted this music, initially very inspired by Latin-American tradition, the universal touch Ale was seeking for, thus escaping standard classification which tends to limit the reach of such creations.

No less than thirteen musicians from several different countries took part in the experience, and as a final wink, "Desertoj Dezertaj" (Deserted Desserts), an imprecise, invisible and abstract group, as Ale humorously describes it, concludes with three "Bonus Tracks" an already dense and head spinning statement.

This album is splendid, and a brilliant reflection of the sun that saw it burst. It will surely become a top reference along time ... and if you're not sure you understand why... well just buy it !!!

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