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Hotel Desperado
Esperanto Desperado - Denmark

CD 12 titles - 55:01 mn

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Produced by Vinilkosmo © 2004

After the unfortunate episode that saw all Esperanto Desperado's equipment and recordings put under seal in the "Christiana" studio in Copenhagen, this new album was near death's door ! It was finally achieved under the sign of transmutation through four different studios, one of which was our "La Trappe" studio for a number sung by JoMo, already an old accomplice of these ruthless desperados, unhampered by prejudice or borderlines.

With sounds borrowed from ska, reggae, rock'n'roll, Balkanic, Spanish, Middle Eastern and African rhythms and melodies, the music produced by this group is true 'World Music' from an already hybrid band with members originating from Denmark, Bosnia, and Poland, countries where the cold and the long nights only equal the warmth and the party loving temper of their artists !

No doubt this new CD will exceed the previous success of "Brokantajxoj" (vkkd34). This is a record to be missed under no pretext, and if by chance, Esperanto Desperado performs close to your home, by all means, go see them !

The CD booklet is full color featuring excellent pictures by Joey Cleary whom we'd like to congratulate for his sharp eye !