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Mi Estas
Jxak Le Puil - France

CD 14 titles - 51:30 mn

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18.06 VAT included  ( European Union )
Produced by Vinilkosmo © 2004

Malliciously humorous text oriented singer, Jxak Le Puil, long known for his engagement with and perfect use of Esperanto, finally signs his first CD but not his first recording, and quite far from it !

In 1977 Jxak had already recorded an album-cassette, "Dangxera ul" (A dangerous guy), then three others followed ; "Revenas mi" (I'm coming back) in 1980, "De Pont-Aven al Varsovi'" (From Pont-Aven to Varsovie) in 1985 and "Ne donu tro" (Don't give too much) in 1993. A quick count reveals no less than twenty seven years of presence that Jxak crowns with this new album, jammed with soft derision, a few slightly fierce critics, and a lot of tenderness.

You will find four originals composed by Jak on words by Eugeno Mihxalski, Claus J Günkel, Tomash Pumpr and Stefan Maul, a poem by Radoj Ralin from after a translation by Sailor Bacev, "La prezidenta cxaso" translated by Jean-Pierre Danvy, "La Kongresurboj" drawn from the album-cassette "Revenas mi" and several famous French songs adapted to Esperanto, and written by well known Pierre Perret, Graeme Allwright, Boris Vian ... in short, quite a display !

This album was entirely recorded in our studio "De La Trappe / Vinilkosmo" in wide collaboration with the no less famous JoMo on guitar, bass, keyboards and percussions !!!

Need more be said ? This is history !

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