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Placxas al mi
Kaj Tiel Plu - Iberic Catalogna

CD 16 titles - 44:54 mn

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Produced by Vinilkosmo © 2004

After "Sojle de la klara temp'" (vkkd 32), this second CD, recorded in our studio "De La Trappe / Vinilkosmo" this time, presents sounds from the Middle Age and the Catalonian and Occitanian tradition and offers us a new and enchanting journey enhanced by the sound of flutes, mandolins, many percussions and whole hearted voices ; the ever present components of Kaj Tiel Plu's immediately recognizable style.

Although the lyrics are Esperanto, of course, tradition seems by no means betrayed and shows, once again, that in spite of its youth, Esperanto has captured the essence of language at its ancestral roots and reaches both the ears and minds of listeners worldwide. Kaj Tiel Plu's regular audience includes a number of non-Esperanto speaking fans from different generations and countries who seem to feel right at home as they play on.

Kaj Tiel Plu wished to give this album a live concert sound, and has slipped in two adaptations by living singers, which is rather rare, one by Catalonian Ramon Muntaner and the other from the famous Occitanian group Nadau.