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Nokto igxas Tag'
Ralph Glomp - Germany

CD 11 titles - 41:03 mn

14.67 Tax excluded
17.60 VAT included  ( European Union )
Produced by Ralph Glomp & Jürgen Wulff © 2004

The least that can be said about Ralph is that he is productive, and the ambiguity of his artistic direction, split between a will to revive certain slightly obsolete music scenes, and a more than suggested desire to induce something completely new, could well be the motor.

This new album presents both sides of this hybrid character who has already shown his devotion to the idea that a common language could resolve much misunderstanding, but still seems to wonder about the relationship to establish between a form of communication such as Esperanto, still fighting for credit, and another universal language, as old as the world this time ... music !

His strange voice, words intended for an entire planet, though still only understood by some, electronic sounds handled with controlled simplicity raise curiosity and seem to predict a world only waiting to exist...

Ralph submits more questions than he answers, but a debate is open and the future unlimited !!

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