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April 2005

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Dear reader, hello !

These past months have certainly been the most productive in the history of Vinilkosmo and we thought a little retrospective would be just right before we all go for a big sunny break. So, we gathered all the new references produced since last fall and put them up on our home page to help you tune up your summer.

Along with this, a curiosity that will certainly come as a surprise, as much to you as it did to us, and a wink to the long and winding road since the first heroic recordings. Then, a new Ukrainian production to demonstrate, once again, the liveliness of Esperanto in Eastern Europe, also increasingly present in our catalogue.

As the days grow, the first international meetings and the preparation of the festivals and various congresses are well underway too, announcing some great days traveling around the world.

So, unfold your maps, and sharpen your ears !

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Tute ne gravas - Amplifiki - vkks 28

A cassette, in 2005 ?! Well yes, and it's not a joke, but a unique and limited opportunity for collectors, chroniclers and the nostalgic ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Tute ne gravas

Ukrainaj Kantoj en Esperanto - Espero el Ukrainio - vkkd 80

Traditional popular songs are the greatest spiritual value of the Ukrainian people. They show their everyday life, their dreams, their history and more .. ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Ukrainaj Kantoj en Esperanto

Centennial of the Esperanto Congress at Boulogne sur Mer

During the Easter holidays, between the 25th and 30th of March, the Boulogne Esperanto Congress in French Pas-de-Calais gathered esperantists from all Europe to celebrate the centennial of this traditional meeting.

The spotlight was on music, with, on opening day, a stroll from the theatre to the town hall following the local brass brass band halting at Zamenhof Place where flowers were offered in memory of the father of Esperanto. Then, the Esperanto anthem, "La Espero", very officially preceded the French national anthem ... to the great satisfaction of an astonished audience !

The Vinilkosmo stand, presenting all our productions, didn't fail to attract attention thanks to DJ Flo and Rikardo's contagious mood. The younger JEFO visitors danced to the rhythm of Rock and Reggae by Strika Tango, Esperanto Desperado, La Rolls, JoMo, La Porkoj, Dolchamar, and more including an electronic version of "La Espero" by Ralph Glomp.

On Sunday evening the internationally known but also local singer, Jacques Yvart (VKKD 19) performed brilliantly followed by Breton vocal ensemble, Meven (VKKD 43 and VKKD71). A great show that had us sailing the seven seas with superb choreography, 25 singers, actors and musicians.

After Jacques Yvart's concert, under the audience's questioning about a new album, Jacques and several translators, such as Marcel Redoulez from La Kompanoj (VKKD 25), started then and there to work on a project with Esperanto translations of Jacques' songs drawn from several albums (' Hello peace ', ' Citizen of the world ' ... ), and original titles in Esperanto were suggested.

This project may take two years since Jacques will be touring, taming the songs before recording them.

To be followed....

NEJ, 40th anniversary

For the 40th anniversary of NEJ (Dutch Esperanto Youth) a meeting is being organized on June 12,13 and 14 2005 in Middelburg Zeeland Netherlands. Eurokka is invited to master an Esperanto music seminar.

For more infos and registration :

KEF 2005

The Cultural Esperanto Festival (KEF) will take place in Helsinki Finland from the 16th to 23rd of July 2005. The festival's topic will be "Body and Culture". The temporary program already includes an impressing bouquet of the best Esperanto artists including Dolchamar (Finland), Esperanto-Desperado (Denmark/Bosnia), JoMo kaj Liberecanoj (Toulouse), Alejandro Cossavella de Strika Tango and La Porkoj (Argentina), Flávio Fonseca (Brazil), Jxomart & Natasxa (Suède/Kazakhstan) and many more.

A grand premier of the Esperanto artist's database by David Emil and Flo will be officially presented on the occasion.

For more info and registration :

Wiki Collection

Have you heard about the Wiki Song Collection of Songs by Ljosxa Kuznecov ?

The Wiki Song Collection, is a single site gathering one of the largest collections of songs in Esperanto.

Because this site works like Wikipédia, all those who wish to contribute can easily make modifications on the existing pages and add news to them.

Both recent and traditional songs can be found among which "Espero", "IS", "Sola", "Hotel California " are only the tip of the iceberg.

The last pages recently installation present the complete collection of the songs by Persone and Merlin.

The songs are classified by : "Texts of the songs", "Texts and chords", "Songs with melodies for portable telephones", "Information on the albums and artists", and more ..

Besides the texts and guitar chords, a heap of links towards Esperanto music sites !!

Visit it, use it, and bring your contributions ...

Information from Ljosxa KUZNECOV

Hymn to Joy in Japan

Mr. Konisi Gaku has adapted the poem "Anthem to Joy" by Schiller and translated into Esperanto by K. Kalocsay for the final choir in Beethoven's Symphony N° 9.

A complete booklet containing the partitions and texts has been published.

You may order it directly for 6 euros + post.

KLEG (Japana Esperanta Librokooperativo) Sone-higasi 1-11-46-204 Toyonaka-If Oosaka-hu Jp-561-0802 Japan

Or at the UEA bookshop.

Information from Yositaka Mine

World Rock

Under project for this autumn, a new JoMo kaj Libertarios album !!!!

In addition to an album of the quality JoMo has accustomed us to, he will be introducing a new musical concept that he calls "World Rock".

Who other than super-multilingual traveling JoMo could make such a claim ? More news as it comes ..

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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