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September 2005

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Dear reader, hello !

Recording studios being a rather bad place to take advantage of the sun and festivities, new releases are a bit scarce, but the projects matured under the generous rays promise some upcoming harvesting and have produced a few souvenirs to collect !

Great news for our South American readers who will soon be able to benefit from our productions at a reasonable price, pushing Esperanto a little further on throughout the world.

On the darker side, the separation of Esperanto Desperado, whose misfortunes were described in our preceding letters, and the revolting expulsion of Denis Rock Tamba from Germany, he also an ex-member of Esperanto Desperado, are related herein, but with assurance that these excellent musicians will revive from their flames and have already left an indelible mark in the history of the universal language.

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Muzikpluvo - Akordo - vkkd 12

Akordo, to whom we already owe the now standard Esperanto Christmas CD, "Kristnaska kordo" (vkkd62), has decided to treat us with a new release of their first CD, "Muzikpluvo" (Raining music), almost a decade old, but aged like fine wine ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Souvenirs 2005

- KEF (Kultura Esperanto-Festivalo) in Helsinki presented many of the best Esperanto artists, and Eurokka / Vinilkosmo was there too.

Esperanto + pictures :


- World Esperanto Congress (UK) in Vilnius

English + pictures :


- The Youth Congress IJK in Zakopane (Poland) featuring quite a program.

Esperanto + pictures :


- IJS in Hongary

Esperanto + pictures :


- Festo near Mazamet in south France

French + pictures :

Still coming, ARKONES in Poznan

The 21st ARKONES festival traditionally held every year in Poznan Poland will be from September 30, 2005 until Octobre 2, 2005 featuring quite a setup :

Music wise, and among others, concerts by Dolchamar, Georgo Handzlik, JoMo, Jak le Puil, Yas Kawamura, Vigla Muziko and the ghostly polish Krio de Morto.

There will also be a series of conferences and literature presented and the story of Esperanto music told by Eurokka !

For more info :

A BEL - Vinilkosmo partnership

In order to make Esperanto music affordable for our South American friends for whom the price of foreign imports are much too high, the Brazilian Esperanto League (BEL) and Vinilkosmo have decided to put a term to this injustice once and for all !!

Having constantly shown great enthusiasm for Esperanto, it seems so abnormal the South Americans should be kept away from a cultural enrichment they quite legitimately aspire to, and this because of their low average revenue and interests that are obviously not their own ...

Upset by this, Vinilkosmo and BEL, whose involvement with the diffusion of the universal language and all the carrying media is no secret, feel it was time to team up. Vinilkosmo will grant rights under license to BEL to edit in South America, eventually collaborating with other local organisms, and distribute at adapted prices, a wide choice of the Vinilkosmo productions.

Also, we invite our many Latin American readers to follow the evolution of this offer, strictly reserved for them and quite near to begin. We hope they will take advantage and encourage this initiative helping it spread and hopefully last for many years.

ITV The International Television

The internet Esperanto television channel, Internacia TeleVido (ITV), is preparing it's official launch.

There will be a variety of programs changing daily following a complete forecast.

Among the programs, "Muzikume" featuring Esperanto festivals, clips and concerts by Esperanto artists.

ITV is an initiative of CIDCON, also managing Brazilian Esperanto information portal "Gxangalo" :

Vinilkosmo and CIDKON are negociating for the artists working under our label.

For Esperanto artists interested :

More ITV info in several laguages on :

Esperanto Desperado is no more

As announced during the Poland IJK concerts, Esperanto Desperado was playing their last before definitely separating.

It was under the name "Brokantajxoj" (The antics) that Birgitta Taurus Henriksen, Helle Eble Cleary, Amir Hadziahmetovic, Kim J. Henriksen and Denis Rock Tamba played their first gig for KEF 5 in 1996 to latter become "Esperanto Desperado" in 1997.

In 2000 though originally more of an acoustic group, they electrified the band with the arrival of Brian Laustsen and Thomas Crawford and recorded a first CD, "Jen venas.......BroKantajxoj", produced by Vinilkosmo (VKKD34). Denis Rock return to Germany where he was a refugee and Birgitta also left the group.

During autumn 2003 through spring 2004 the group, previously joined by drummer Nis Bramsen in 2002, tried to record a new album, but as we wrote about in some of our previous letters, the studio was closed down by the police, Kims accordion was stolen and the overall situation had turned the job into a nightmare. Finaly, in June 2004, "Hotel Desperado" was successfully finished and released by Vinilkosmo (VKKD72). Mark Dziwornu (from Gahna), last to have joined the group as percussionist had also played as guest on "Hotel Desperado".

Both music and lyrics are mainly the work of the group members, however, from time to time friends such as Jorge Camacho, Wiliam Auld, Vladimir Danilov and Maria Amanta Smilet contributed their talent.

As unfortunately few Esperanto groups, Esperanto Desperados philosophy was to play wherever there were a lot of people whether they understood Esperanto or not. Through radios, parties, mariages, cultural centers and bars, the group honored all the big Esperanto meetings worldwide, many KEFs, KAFEs and just about everything else.

Esperanto Desperado would like to thank all those who followed them along the years. Their music will surely remain a part of Esperanto culture despite the end of the group, and many of their songs ..

Both of the Esperanto Desperado albums are still available until gone and will be up on our home page for a short time as a tribute to one of the major acts of the Esperanto music scene.

Denis Rock Tamba expelled from Germany

On May 18 2005, Denis Rock Tamba was asked to leave Germany along with several other Congolese and sent back to Congo despite he had been living in Germany for 16 years where he has a 14 year old son from a German mother.

Born in Kinshasa, capital of Congo (ex-Zaire), Denis Rock Tamba bathed in music throughout his childhood, and having became a student at the university of Kinshasa in 1983, Denis Rock started to play music and write songs, mainly in English. In 1985 he started to learn Esperanto with the assistance of Zhou Mack in Lukala and to write songs in Esperanto then founded "The 3 Rolls" with some student friends, Roger Ngoma, Donnat Bitazi, and Zhou Mack Tufuene, joined in 1987 by Louison Yambuka. Mostly Reggae, unfortunately no recording from this adventure.

During this dark period, dictator Mobutus bloody repression was at its worse, shooting at demonstrators, sending revolted students to jail or to the army. As the students opposed this dictatorship, the university was closed and the situation became so intolerable that many of the young people, among which Denis Rock, decided to flee Zaire. It's towards Germany that he emigrated in 1988, with no right to study nor to work, but playing music fortunately escaped the rule.

Followed many trips around Europe, to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, and several new artistic experiments, "Afrika Espero" in 1993 with Louison Yambuka and "The Black Survivors" in 1994 being the more relevant. A performance at KEF of Afrika Espero and The Black Survivors, Denis Rock living in Copenhagen at the time, was also the first meeting with Eurokka and the recording of a title in Esperanto for the second volume of ' Vinilkosmo-Kompil '' (VKKD10).

Between 1997 and 2002 Denis Rock wrote songs for the group QBA, recorded his first five track solo album on cassette, "Afrika Nokto", and in 2003 founded "La Rolls" with a South American friend, Jorge Jimenez, and recorded the "Sunradio" album distributed by Vinilkomo (VKKD67).

Denis Rock played and collaborated with the Esperanto Desperado for whom he wrote two songs on "Hotel Desperado" (VKKD72).

Now facing a difficult situation in Congo, Denis Rock is already working on a new DVD project, "Libera" (Free), a 6 title album with beautiful pictures and African music sung in Esperanto.

"Sunradio", featured on our home page, conveys an expressive quality that only the intensity of Denis Rock Tambas life equals. We wish him the best possible continuation, and as he says:

"muziko ne havas limojn kaj unuigas la mondon en la paco. Ke vivu la amo kaj la paco !"

"music has no borders and units the world in peace. May love and peace live on !"

JoMo and Libertarios soon in studio !

Jean-Marc Leclercq alias JoMo and his Libertarios group will be haunting the Vinilkosmo/La Trappe studios starting the second week of October to record a new album in Esperanto and produced by Vinilkosmo.

If all goes well, this new disc should appear before the end of the year and promises to be a true jewel !!

Patience ....

Carlos Devizia of Argentina

Carlos Devizia, already a highly skilled graphic artist is also a compositor and holds Esperanto and the spirit it burns on in high esteem, although still a beginner in that field.

We were pleased to listen to some demos and exchange ideas with Carlos who wishes to consolidate a closer relationship between the universality of Esperanto and the music that carries it, often as simple transpositions of known styles. Carlos' conviction, as some ours, is that Esperanto would greatly benefit from a more specific sound support, readily recognizable and projected towards the future.

His resolutely experimental and electronic direction make Carlos a candidate to follow in his quest for a sound as universal as the language that makes it speak.

Carlos' picture gallery :

Svinokop, Russian hardcore punk

Russian harcore punk band Svinokop is preparing to record some titles in Esperanto.

Anna Zajceva, ex member of ukrainien hardcore band, Pichismo, has just joined Svinokop.

Sharapov, one of the musicians, also in charge of SZSS, the alternative Russian label, that published the three Pichismo cassette albums in the nineties, "Subita Merdo", "Buhxtismo" and "P.P.P.".

The group wishes to exchanges materials.

Info available in Russian and English:

Nargis Mondjazib

Nargis Mondjazib, the uzbek singer now living in the USA whom we already wrote about in our newsletter n°4, now plans to produce a CD entirely in Esperanto ! Up until now the use of Esperanto was only a marginal facet of her creations with only two titles in Esperanto on each of her two albums, but it seems the hybrid nature of her career as encouraged her to take more deliberate position.

Discover her album "Water of Life":

Daphne Lawless

Daphne Lawless from New Zealand, already presented in our letter n°3, is preparing a new album, "Grupeta frenezo" (Small group madness). On this CD a new title "Peko" (a sin) which was a success at NZEA congress, as a translation in Esperanto of an old English title. This album will be released by New Zealand label, Random Static Music.

For more info on Daphne. to listen to a piece:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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