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December 2005

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Dear reader, hello !

Christmas again !! .. guess this must happen every year ?!?

Apart from this first hand information, and although new releases are still maturing, specialists announce that at least the year should be new somewhere around January first. Several of our favorite groups and artists have taken good note of the event and are expected to meet the appointment !

Ralph Glomp, whose Christmas CD, "... dum kristnaska tempo ", can be found on our Vinilkosmo homepage, has once again demonstrated his unusual originality by offering us the very last and only new production for this end of 2005.

Of course, "Kristnaska kordo" is throning at its well deserved place for the third consecutive year, and we have added "Ondumoj tra la mond" by Meven, who managed to considerably lower the price for the occasion, along with a few suggestions for those still seeking the ideal gift to place under the tree.

So here's to a universal language for a universal celebration .. and hopefully a merry one while we're at it ;-)

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Komune - Ralph Glomp - vkkd 81

Just five titles to remind us of Ralphs growing presence, telling tails of love from the depths of his cavernous voice displayed on sounds that could be considered as 'already heard' if it weren't for his insistence in producing them and that strange atmosphere, too far from ordinary to be less than captivating ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Nur Amiko (Simply a Friend) of Mary-Jane Gaspard

Recently announced, the publication of "Nur Amiko" by Mary-Jane Gaspard, a star of "Sega", music of the slaves of Mauritius meeting traditional dances of Europe and waltz associated with Afro-Madagascan rythmics (? world music ?).

First singer in Mauritius to sing in Esperanto, Mary-Jane proposes a version of "Simply Comrades" originally written in Creole by her father Jean-Claude Gaspard.

The translation and adaptation of the song were made by Swiss Stefan Keller who also helped the young artist with the pronunciation of this first song in Esperanto .. across the oceans ..

A sample of "Nur Amiko" can be listened to on :


Pauxlo Mojxajev (Pasha) is a 24 year young musician from Crimea (South of Ukraine) whom we had the pleasure to meet during the ARKONES festival in Poland.

Author composer and performer Pasha plays an acoustic guitar and the piano, and has published his first 22 number CD, "Pluke-Traduke".

As the title suggests (to some of us), the majority of the songs are translations including three from ex Soviet Union movie tracks, three more from songs by popular Russian bard, M. Sxcxerbakov, and many other songs from Crimea bards and the "IVASI" duet.

On the second part of the CD, translations from English such as abstracts from A. L. Webbers musical "Evita", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "The Cats".

To get this totally disorienting CD :

Mikaelo Lineckij p.k. 91, UA-04201 Kijivo - 201 Ukrainio

jOmO Slavumas coming soon

jOmOs new album, Slavumas, with Libertarios and Matriochka is practically finished recording, so two more weeks of mixing should conclude this 20 number Esperanto Rock adventure.

Four weeks in our Vinilkosmo / La Trappe studio for a guided tour of the world with Slavic, Gypsy, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Cossack, Yiddish etc ... sounds ... and more.

Astonishing polyglot jOmO hasn't finished surprising us, and this CD should set the pace for 2006.

Krio de Morto in Audio-Visual

The very dark Polish Alternative-Rock band, Krio de Morto, is seriously working on a new Esperanto album, which is news alone, but they have also produced a video clip of the albums top number "Semi Staras" (I'm standing), mixing scene shots with awesome special effects.

This, at least to our knowledge, should be the very first Esperanto music video and the grand opening of a new era in diffusing the borderless language that we hope will inspire many more !!

More about this as soon as we know ..


The Supernova project initiated by Brazilian DJ Rogxer now living in Madrid (see newsletter 9), is in its vocal recording phase.

The texts have all been revised with a magnifying glass to make sure the interest for Esperanto that this album is bound to raise will also be a model of linguistic correctness.

For around this spring, no doubt a hot one for Esperanto music !

ITV Contest

As we announced in our preceding letter, ITV has launched its Esperanto TV programs on the net beginning of November.

No agreement could be found for the diffusion of music by artists published by Vinilkosmo within the framework of the "Muzikume" program.

For this reason ITV is introducing the "La Verda Stelo" (the green star) contest to find artists interested in recording a video clip and a CD.

So, for those of you who are interested in offering their music and subsequent rights definitively for this TV contest, no questions asked, ITV will gladly forward you the rules as indicated on :

Denis Rock Tamba, last minute ..

After being expelled from Germany, Denis Rock Tamba immediately returned to the drawing board in Congo, working on a DVD project named "Libera" (Free). Six numbers with beautiful pictures and African music sung in Esperanto, among which "Fajro" (fire), "Infanoj in Milito" (children in the war), "Frauxlino in reklama firmao" (the commercial girl), "Savu the Naturon" (save nature).

KER esperantists in Kinshasa have told us that Congo National Television, RTNC has presented one of these titles !

Also, another DVD has been released, covering a concert of "La Rolls" in Germany before Denis Rocks eviction.

So here is more audio-visual production already in progress !

Thanx to Denis Rock for this info and great work, and our best wishes to him for Christmas and the year to come.

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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