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April 2006

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Dear reader, hello !

If 2005 has been a year devoted to reflection and the preparation of new projects, it has not been in vain, and the first effects are already audible and visible, and just the beginning of a nice fat list !

The imminent release of jOmO's new album, jOmO Slavumas, is certainly the great event of this rise of spring. This masterpiece, already available on, has also been gratified with a video presentation to watch online now.

The return of Kore comes as quite a surprise after the long absence of Kris Spitzers, nevertheless unforgettable, band seemed to be permanent. But far from that, not only is there a new album coming, Kore will also be playing at the UFE Congress in Rennes in May and at FESTO that you can read about below.

Two new volumes presenting the Russian bard, Mihxail Povorin, will be coming to complete our "Oraj kantoj" collection soon, and two collectors, including one devoted to Hip Hop and one with to Metal Rock are also in Vinilkosmos oven.

And, while eagerly reading on, you will discover the progression of Supernovas coming album, news from Africa, the Islands etc... etc...

.. so, read on eagerly !!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

jOmO Slavumas - JoMo - vkkd 82

Drop two fingers of Gypsy music and one of Yiddish into a shaker, add a strong dose of rock'n'roll and drown the whole in a generous share of Slavic sounds and rythms, but always let jOmO add the Esperanto, shake it up, and serve you this astonishing cocktail bound to transport you at first sip to a world that only seems familiar for a very short time ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

jOmO Slavumas

Vinilkosmo Projects

Hip-Hop Compilation

Vinilkosmo has just launched a new project in the vein of our previous Elektronika Kompil (vkkd53) but dedicated to Hip-Hop (Rap) music this time !

There has been Rap sung in Esperanto going around for several years, such as "Cxu VI pretas ?" on VKKD27 as just an example, but so far, no one has been up to producing a full album which is why it seemed a good idea to ignite the urge by gathering various styles of Hip-Hop from different countries as a starter.

So far, French Pafklik, JoMo, Kore, German DJ Kunar, Danish Bjorn Bojezen and Kim Henriksen and his new group Hotel Desperado, the Finish Dolcxamar, Brazilians DJ Roger, Flavio Fonseca and Antonio Moreira, Polish Eterne Rima, Chilean Zinfonia, Argentinian Strika Tango and Russian Sergej Tikhonov have shown interest in the project.

The folks in charge, Flo and Cyrille (artistic manager), are awaiting your comments and propositions at :



Metal Compilation

Along side the Hip-Hop project, another compilation presenting various types of Metal music in Esperanto is underway as a Vinilkosmo/Kosmuziko co production

Another challenge similar to our Punk/Hardcore Esperanto Subgrunde CD (VKKD 30)

Only a few bands do this type of music in Esperanto, but the scene is growing quçkly. Various styles will be featured including Heavy, Death, Trash, Gothic, Hardcore, Melody, Symphonic etc ..

Bands have already answered positively to our proposition in Brazil, Slovakia, Ukraine/Lithuania, Poland, Argentina and France.

Project coordination is by Flo, Rogener and Leandro our Brazilian artistic managers in relation with thre new Kosmuziko label we will be co producing with :

Applications should be sent to Vinilkosmo :

or to Kosmuziko, but only for Brazil and South America :

Kore II, the Return ...

Fans of Kore (VKKD 26) will be delighted to know that they are preparing their second album after almost 5 years of silence !?!

The style will be a slight more on the pop side, but the nostalgic of their prior work will still be surprised.

Kore will also be touring, playing both their new and old songs, for the UFE congress in Rennes on Saturday May 6 as start.

They will also be playing for FESTO at the Grésillon castle in Baugé France (Maine et Loire).

To allow Kore to perform more frequently in the many Esperanto meetings, they will only be two on stage (guitar and Kris singing) the rest being recorded.


Brazilian band Supernovas very muscled up Pop Rock project is progressing, slowly but surely. The recording is nearly finished, and a video clip will also be on the CD.

No decision has been made yet as of the label that will be producing, Vinilkosmo or our Kosmuziko partner in Brazil, but in any case, the record will be in our Vinilkosmo catalogue as soon as released.


Aspiro is a new Esperanto group created in Nuremberg (Germany) in 2005.

This trio was founded by Ukrainian and Russian immigrants to Germany : Sergej ORLOVSKIJ, guitarist and expert of the Slavic bard musical movement, Olga LITVINOVA, young singer and Grigory GRIN, guitarist and group leader.

In 2005 the new group already presented songs from Russia to the German public, mainly from the bard repertory, but not only, in Nuremberg, Munich for the Zamenhof Bavarian Exhibit and Celebration and Erlangen during the Inter-cultural month.

Aspiros projects, besides performing, are to record CDs for the "Songs of various people of the world in the international language, Esperanto". project, aiming to create "song bridges" between different people as means of multi-cultural communication.

On April 1, 2006 Aspiro will be in Neu-Ulm (Germany) at the Esperanto Leagues of Bavaria and Bad-Würtemberg meeting, then for PSI (Spring International Week of Printemps).

More information is available on Aspiros site :


There will be no KAFE festival this year, but FESTO, the JEFO (French Esperanto Youth) meeting will be held at the Esperanto Cultural Center, "Grésillon Castle", in Baugé, France from August 20 through 27 2006.

This time the FESTO team will be working with Eurokka to organize the musical program by inviting quality artists rarely seen in in France : Le great return of Kore, a Hip-Hop/Rap concert with gangstar Pafklik, FaMo and their French style accordion, a young Polish voice, Suzana Kornicka, the also young Russian troubadour, Helena Melnikova, the Melono jazzband, an Esperanto choir and many other artistic and cultural activities such as theatre plays, movies, conferences, games, excursions etc...

The Esperanto Cultural Center "Castle Grésillon" is easy to find, 100 kilometers south east of Paris.

Live in a castle for the price of a camp-site by registering here :

General info :

tel : +33 6 77 28 13 25

Songs from Moscow

Mihxail Povorin, reputed Russian esperantist bard has, at last, studio-recorded his songs for his fans and lovers of the genre.

Mihxail has been writing songs in Esperanto since 1989, often performing in concerts, in Russia as well as on international level (KEF, IJK, UK). However, until today he was never able to record under good technical conditions.

His repertory contains about sixty songs, mostly originals, but also some translations : satirists, about Esperanto, popular, and even erotic, but generally lyric.

Mihxail belongs to the Moscow school of Esperanto poets, and his beautiful melodies are especially made to compliment his rich texts.

"Mia will kara amik'" and "Fajrereto" were already recorded and interpreted in Jxomart and Natasxas albums. "Valso de vojagxantoj" was composed for a text published in B Kolker "Vojagxo Al Esperanto-lando" book. Some others songs are poems by R.Schwartz, J Baghy, G Desxkin and put to music by Mihxail.

These new recordings are the continuation of Mihxails many contributions to the "Oraj kantoj" collection (VKKD 56, 57, 58, 59, 60), under muscovite esperantist, Garrik Kokolijas management. Two CDs are cooking with 20 songs on each.

So, very soon "cxio plej nova kaj plej bona" (all the best and newest) will be available. Though songs will sound as in concert, Mihxail was able to enjoy la an interesting experiment with the possibilities modern professional recording in studio.

The first album should be released at the end of the spring and the second shortly after.

Mikaelo Bronsxtejns Winter Tour

Mikaelo Bronsxtejn, writer, translator, poet and bard from Russia was on tour this winter in Germany and Anvers in Belgium.

He performed in concerts and gave conferences in Antwerp, Duisburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin. He spoke of many things enhancing relations with Esperanto, to a public only about a fourth of which was Esperanto speaking.

Cds with texts by Bronsxtejn on

Mikaelos impressions and comments :

About the concert in Nuremberg:

Mikaelo Bronsxtejn on Vikipedia:

News from Africa and its Islands

Denis Tamba, " Libéra "

In Kinshasa for the passed months, musician Denis Tamba, alias "Rock Tamba", is currently preparing to flood the streets of the Congolese capital with Esperanto music. With help from the talented musicians of "Masikulu Abha Africa", directed by Andre Mbongo za Mambu, a new artistic concept entitled "Libera" (Free) is about to see the day . Shortly, this both impetuous and austere singer will be in the studio carrying out this most awaited masterpiece. Practicing has been going on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday in Andre Mbongo za Mambus favoutite "At Maki" bar in Kasa-Vubu, .

For reference, "Masikulu Abha Africa" is a group playing music known as "research music". With the beautiful voices of young singers supported by talented instrumentalists constituting the framework of the group, all tends to foresee "Libera" will be a very high quality realization.

Bob Ambongo | Uhuru


Sega, Reggae, Salegy and Esperanto on TV.

Mary-Jane Gaspard paved the way to Esperanto for the Mauritians in 2005. Her Sega song "Nur Amiko" (Simply a friend) is a great success, and not only in Esperanto world. The European public was happy to discover the young star and her talent as a dancer and singer during her first tour far from the Indian Ocean at the end of last year through Switzerland, France and Belgium. This was also the first time she sang in Esperanto on stage.

Since, her appearances on the island signing in this exotic language has raised interest among the other singers and musicians for this intercultural approach. Mauritian medias have diffused interviews of Madir Production, the label that produced the Family Gaspards CD, and news articles have covered the subject.

Following the movement, Negro Pou La VI, introduced Esperanto to the reggae world with "Persisto" (Perseverance), the latest etno-muziko release by impresario Stefano Keller, the motor of a movement in Mauritius aiming at peace and comprehension among people. Negro Pou La VI sings love, peace, and respect. The message is educational and popular. It is no surprise it met Esperanto on its way and adopted it to convey its ideal beyond the borders.

The desire to show its culture to the world through the international language has just reached Madagascar. Over there, Esperanto has already had ambassadors for years, but has only recently reached the artistic world. The group presenting for the first Malagasy culture to esperantists is the Trait d'Union ("Ligilo"). Through their song "Granda Festo" (Great Festival) this family of musicians not only wishes to contribute to the esperanto music scene with Salegy, but invite the world to visit Madagascar.

"Nur Amiko", "Persisto" and "Granda Festo" are the three songs taht will represent this area of Africa and the the Indian Ocean among the candidates of the "Verda Stelo" (Green Star) contest organized by Internacia Televido, on Internet.

.. and the videos are already online :

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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