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October 2006

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Dear reader, hello !

Well, here's our 'monthly' newsletter that only took six months to write and more about the many projects we announced as upcoming ... back then ... It seems that time changes length depending on whether you're trying to cut it up into slices to be sold by the pound or use it to sooth a passion or accomplish an ideal, both of which are the foundations of the Esperanto music scene !

First, the big autumn event with the release of Supernova that marks an unquestionable evolution in the way Esperanto and its music can be promoted, including a video on the Cd, and maybe more, but that will be a surprise we'll tell you about a little later on, so stay tuned !

Among our hard working Slavic bards, and without speaking of Mikaelo Bronsxtejn who presents a very nicely polished new album, Mihxail Povorin, after some discrete presence in the "Oraj kantoj" collection, comes to light with a set of two albums featuring a selection of his many compositions.

And, as always, the progress report on the Vinilkosmo and other Esperanto related projects, and news from the seven continents in their attempts to tune up despite the time zones and other more or less natural borders.

So, hide your watches, cover up your clocks and take time to read, explore the links and eventually even buy one or two cds while you're at it ! .. we certainly won't blame you ; -)

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Printempo Blujxinsa - Mikaelo Bronsxtejn - vkkd 83

Already present throughout the entire "Oraj Kantoj" collection in addition to his solo album, "Esperantujo mia", his collaboration with Elena Puhova, all the lyrics of Amu min by Jxomart & Natasxa and some of the words on "Ukrainaj Kantoj in Esperanto ", Mikaelo is definitely the most prolific of our Eastern artists ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Printempo Blujxinsa

Verula Sezono - Mihxail Povorin - vkkd 84

Although barely represented by Vinilkosmo so far, Mihxail is not a complete new comer since already present in numbers 1 and 2 of the "Oraj kantoj" collection (vkkd56 and vkkd57) ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Verula Sezono

Revula Sezono - Mihxail Povorin - vkkd 85

This is the follow up on vkkd84 "Verula sezono" (A season of a man of truth) that completes Mihxails selection of 40 songs with a hardly modified title, "Revula sezono" (A dreamers season) ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Revula Sezono

Supernova - Supernova - vkkd 86

As suggested by the title of the album which is also this new groups name, all the radiating warmth of the south sun is concentrated into this super audio-visual album offering us a brilliant innovation ! Although Brazil is the cradle of this phenomenon, here is a 'sound and light' addressed to the whole planet, and a quest for a truly un-ethnic identity ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Vinilkosmo Projects

Martin Wiese soon recording

Martin Wiese, guitarist singer and leader of Swedish group Persone, has been preparing a new album with his new group for several months and will be finishing off the job in our Vinilkosmo/La Trappe studio in November. A more energetic sound than that of Persones electric rock titles shouldn't displease the old fans and all those who like winter hot !


Kores new album delayed

Following a series of incidents and accidents, Kores singer Kris has had to defer the second album recording until the beginning of 2007. It will be about fifteen titles strong and a slight more pop-rock tinted than before which shouldn't disappoint any of original Kores audience and hopefully will extend it to the size Kore really deserves !


Jacques Yvart checking in

Jacques Yvart came to our Vinilkosmo/La Trappe studio at the end of July to check out the atmosphere, equipment and competence of the production team for his new album in Esperanto.

He will be collaborating with JoMo and Liberecanoj for the music as well as with Rikardo for adaptations in Esperanto of texts by Johnny Cash. Jacques will also be signing his own texts with the participation of Marcel Redoulez for some titles. The project will present new songs by Jacques but also adaptations of George Brassens, George Moustaki and again, Johnny Cash, and some songs already presented on other Esperanto albums but with new orchestrations.

"La am' por la am'", "Mia tero", "La kanto de la maro kiu dikigxas"... an album that should be released before next summer.


Hiphopa kompilo

This summer during the FESTO festival the new Esperanto hip hop stars, Pafklik and Marteno Minich, were revealed to us, and quite naturally agreed to join our hip hop compilation project, progressing slowly but surely.

Pafklik from Paris is preparing as well as Marteno Minich, the Slovak, Finnish Dolchamar, Brazilian Dj Roger and Antonio Moreira, Eterne Rima from Poland, Chilean Zinfonia, DJ Kunar in Germany, South Korean Paz and Baka, Norwegian Bjørn/Musubana and many more from around the world, promising an undeniably international representation !

Esperanto rap meets great success among the esperanto speaking youth that has things to say to the world, and the project is still open to candidates wishing to present their prose or rhymes in the language of Zamenhof !

For candidatures or more information :

News from the World

Valso por Amikoj re mastered

Jomart & Natasxa have decided to republish their first Cd, "Valso por amikoj", which will be re mastered around the end of the year. Also Karina, Jomart & Natasxas 10 year old daughter, is also preparing an album ! Participants at the World Esperanto Congress in Florence (Italy) had a preview of Karinas talent, listening to a limited 9 title edition of "Karina kantas esperante".


Best of and Bonus from Paul Bienbon "Mens sana"

Singer Paul Bienbon in Brussels (Belgium) just released "Best of Paul Bienbon : Mens sana" and a second CD "Bonus" which is the continuation of the previous. Among the 32 songs, only one is in Esperanto, the others being French, but we do appreciate nevertheless.

The music is interpreted by a group named Rivage and multi-instrumentalist Robert Delhauteur who used to play for Belge star, Plastic Bertrand.

Cds are available from :

Paul Bienbon
sprl 33-1 rue Guillaume
BE-1070 Bruxelles, Belgique

Tel. - Fax: +32 (0) 2.521.60.79

E-mail :


A summer 2006

The summer concerts given during the many Esperanto congresses such as UK in Florence, IJK in Sarajevo, IJS in Hungary or the nice Festo festival in the Grésillon castle in France, presented many world-known Esperanto artists such as Jxomart, Natasxa and their daughter Karina, Solotronik, Dolchamar, Djx Rogxer', Esperanto Desperado, JoMo and more.

New or rare artists and groups were also there to discover such as Kuracistoj from Germany, now preparing a Cd, Famo, a Vendean singer and accordionist who presented his demo Cd in FESTO, Duobla Unu also working in studio, Kore preparing a new album, and the revelation, Paflink that those who weren't able to assist Festo will soon find in the Vinilkosmo catalog.

And an album memory on line :

Esperanto Music in Africa

Vigla Muziko

Assiduous and persistent, Preso Neno (Mfundu Mikatukidi), Congolese Vigla Muziko leader, invests all he has into his group and has started recording some demos for us to hear soon.


Denis Rock

Denis Rock Tamba, expelled from Germany and now in Kinshasa, has not failed to continue developing his "Libera" project that we have spoken of previously and some could well be featured on our Hip hop project !


Zhou Mack

We also have our own exiled Congolese here in France, Zhou Mack and his group La Fève, who offers us a free reggae in Esperanto, sample of a coming translation of their album "International Love"."

Internacia amo", an anthem and jewel that you can download from their site : (Donacoj)

Music and Video

Farbskatol is a new television concept on Internet collecting all kinds of short videos every week. A section devoted to Esperanto music already contains some music videos among which the Supernova clip !

We invite you to go see these clips for your pleasure and a couple of laughs too : (Esperanto only)

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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