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February 2007

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Dear reader, hello !

Although there are many surprising projects in progress, or about to succeed, we will not tell you about Kores new album the vocal recording of which has just been achieved in our studio and should be released this spring, no noooo ... We won't even speak of Jacques Yvarts awaited visit to the studio next May, nor even say a thing about the Hip Hop compilation slowly but surely evolving with serious advances from Pafklik, Dj kunar and the Korean duet .. noooo no nooo ...

On the other hand, concerning Martin Wiese, guitarist, singer and composer of swedish band, Persone, we will go on and on as his album is no longer a project but a reality after two years of work for a stunning result, quite up to the personality of this inevitable hinge and one of the big stars of the Esperanto-Rock scene .. vidéos and all .. the works !!!

And then, as always, some echoes and links from the world, with news from Initials DC in Germany, Daphne Lawless in New Zealand, Italian 'Rêverie', Zhou Mack & la Fève, still at it, and not to forget an invitation to note down in your diaries for the FESTO festival coming again this summer !

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Pli ol nenio - Martin & la talpoj - vkkd 87

For over a decade now, Martin Wiese has been surfing the Esperanto-Rock scene, first as guitarist, singer and leader of Persone, one of the pioneer groups of its kind, and back to us after an unbearable absence with a first solo album that will not fail to raise enthusiasm among his many fans ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Pli ol nenio

Initials DC

The French "one man band", Initials DC, installed in Francfort is now polishing several songs in Esperanto which will soon be presented to the public.

This music will be mainly accessible through Internet though an 8 cm CD edition is under project for those who still like to have a physical instead of virtual support ( anyone out there ?)

Initials DC already has a big enough repertory to ensure a concert entirely in Esperanto like their last demonstration for IS in Germany.

And, with a little luck, an Initials DC show might be featured in FESTO this summer, if IJK and the U.K. in Asia leave the time.

Italian Daydream

From Milan, the story of a musical and linguistic experiment, aiming at universality as we all do, has gone straight to our souls !

Rêverie (Daydream) was founded in 1996, by Milanese composer and guitarist, Valerio Vado, eager to create a bridge between the sounds of today and those of yesterday, drawing his inspiration from baroque and renaissance, Italian, European and Mediterranean tradition, mixing instruments from then, with electronic sounds and various languages.

In 2006, Esperanto enabled Andrea Fontana, and friend of Alberto Sozzi, musician of Rêverie, was solicited to add Esperanto to the repertory and it was successfully that Valerio Vado and Andrea collaborated for a first recording, "Kiam alvenos la fino" (when the end arrives). Since, two other titles in Esperanto were born, "Plurestantaj memoroj" (persistent memories) and "Danco de l'maro" (the sea dance).

The originality of the cocktail, which they like to define as progressive-folk, marrying modern keyboards, percussions, mandolins, banjos, horns, choirs and more, has already traveled through 3 demo Cds, several concerts and radio shows and generated good critics as well. And now, the group is recording the Esperanto titles and some songs drawn from the writings of Shakespeare !?!

For anything :

Rêverie c/o Valerio Vado
Via Palmieri, 65
20141 Milano - Italia

Email : -

Site :

Tel :

- in Italian or English : +393402218221

- in Esperanto: +393298058801

Daphne Lawless

Daphne Lawless, from New Zealand, has just released a new English album, "Anastasia", available through Random Static.

Daphne has been working for a long time on an album entirely in Esperanto, with both translated and original Esperanto lyrics, and is currently negotiating with her label to produce it. But first, she wants to conclude her current project, "Small group Psychosis", that she has recently finished composing and began to record. This album will present two new titles in Esperanto "Peko" (the sin) and "Fajreroj" (sparks) drawn from another of her Cds, "Undinal Songs".

Daphne always plays alone, but perhaps not for much longer as she plans to recruit a second musician to enrich her intelligent 'electro-pop-gothic' sound.

Daphne is ready to play anywhere against expenses, so maybe we'll get to see her on some coming Esperanto festival stage in Europe.

For more info and to order Daphnes discs :

Zhou Mack & la Fève

The Zhou Mack & la Fève Reggae groups web site has been entirely renewed and Esperanto music lovers will be pleased to find a new title in Esperanto, "Se vin englutas la akvo" (If the water absorbs you) that comes to enrich the African and Reggae Esperanto music repertory along with their first title, "Internacia amo" (international love).

Do go see :

FESTO 2007 Muzike

As the coming FESTO poster advertises, this year it will be a real festival of sound through the ears.

More than ever, FESTO will be particularly cultural and musical, so don't wait until there's no more room to reserve your dates between the 20th and 27th of August !

The program is in preparation, and quite promising.

For more information and inscriptions :

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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