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April 2007

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Dear reader, hello !

With the approach of summer and the many festivities bound to it, Esperanto and its music have not been forgotten, Festo, version 2007, being undoubtedly the most prominent event ! For those who have not yet tried practicing Esperanto to exchange with the world while traveling under the sun, Vinilkosmo presents a new DVD to help in this direction in time to fully enjoy the meetings worldwide !!

Your contribution is requested by "Double-one" now preparing a rather surprising CD, but in need of your help to carry out this project in the best conditions. Meanwhile, Denis Rock Tamba has accomplished his long awaited project with the release of his video, "Libra", that we have been covering the progress of in our columns for some time.

Radio Polonia and even Vinilkosmo have begun using new communication vectors in an attempt to benefit from most recent technologies to continue promoting as extensively as possible the sound and the sense of the borderless language, and certainly others developements in this direction will see the day during the months to come.

To be followed ...

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Esperanto Elektronike - xxx - vkkd r3

Esperanto Elektronike is a computer compliant DVD created to inform, teach and learn to use Esperanto ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Esperanto Elektronike

DOUBLE-ONE, new album

Franswaz Rochette and Patrik Delaby, members of DOUBLE-ONE, invite us to continue the trip with them recording their first Esperanto CD with 12 original titles, from counting ryhmes to protest songs on music evoking our wide world.

As in the "Tra Mondo" concerts (popular songs in 18 languages), each song has its universe. On stage this diversity is produced by two people only scenes and small instruments supplementing the accordion, guitar, and voices. On the disc, the various musical colors are enforced by friend musicians.

SEN LIM' GXIS ... (borderless until ...)


Verda plezuro (green pleasure) : Celtic rock which telling of a girls' desire to travel.

The birdinfanoj (bird c hildren) : ballade seaking of the wounds of childhood on the sound of a harp.

Freneza semajno (a crazy week) : inspired by an African weekday countdown, with balaphon, electric guitar and harmonica.

Bonsxancon ! (good luck) : slow rock song wishing children good luck in their life.

Sinjor' Rubsak' (Mr garbegae bag) : on the topic "do we prefer food or its packing ?", a latino-funk song.

Kie ? (where ?) : Italian tarentelle fashion recaller, with mandoline, flute, tuba, guitars and percussions.

Trinku kaj kantu (drink and sing) : as its title misindicates, an Irish song on the price of water and who benefits from it in a Pubish atmospere.

Esti if (to be oneself) : a Tchetchene style song about the elements and self-knowledge.

Napokapo (idiot head) : A rap, "Never like the idiots who bring hatred and fury to the world, I declare myself sain. Do not pray for me. Thank you."

The amvarbantoj (the hustlers) : instrumental, conceptual and cinematographic with monophonic syths from the seventies.

Sorting katidoj (king kittens) : jazzy three voice fairyhood with about the adventures of three kittens.

The parado of the literoj (the parade of the letters) : counting rhyme in brass band to control the alphabet of Esperanto.


The pre-sale of this disc is an important contribution for its release. Thanks to your order, the small auto-production budget will not be at the loss of quality !

DOUBLE-ONE proposes various possibilities for you to support their work :

1 DISC 13 euros + 2,20 euros shipping.

3 DISCS: 36 euros + 5,50 euros shipping.

5 DISCS: 55 euros + 6,50 euros shipping.

6 DISCS and more: 11 euros part + 6,50 euros shipping.

+ of 10: + 7,50 euros shipping.

If you wish registered mail, please add 2,50 euros.

Prices are for France, for shipping abroad, please contact us.

Your cheque (disc(s) + shipping) to the order of :


And addressed to :

COMPANY DOUBLE-ONE Avenue Adrien Fayolle 26400 CREST

Telephone: 04 75 25 17 15

In addition to the 45 minutes of music, a visual part is being considered along with partitions for some numbers. After publication, the CD will be available on

Radio Polonia, surviving ...

Suppression of Esperanto from the programs of Radio Polonia on short wave and satellite has afflicted many listeners, however the Internet connected can continue to listen to the new programs on Podcast through the following :


You can also listen to part of the program dedicated to music every Monday, for instance on Monday 26 February, a presentation of Martin & Talpojs' "Fold ol nenio " was presented with samples of some the titles.

In addition to the visits of the page, your subscription to the Podcast programs as well as your feeback are very important for the future of this new formula !

your messages to :

You can also send information on your Esperanto associations activities to this address with pictures to enrich the gallery.

Vinilkosmo and Myspace

Site specialized primarily in hosting musical productions, vidéos and other independent artistic initiatives, has become a pole for promoting our music and Esperanto, Vinilkosmo and our 'La Trappe' Studio having set up their pages, of course !

Visit and follow more links to many of our groups :

Ohh .. and while speaking of artistic initiatives, be sure to have a look at the new 'Ska virino' video by Esperanto Desperado under our Video link on !

Festo 2007

FESTO, organized by JEFO and EUROKKA will be held at Montoire-sur-le-Loir from the 20th to the 27th of August, 2007.

It will be the Esperanto music event of the summer ! Again the FESTO team has set up an excellent program with the stars, Martin & Talpoj, ex-Persone (rock'n'roll), JOMO kaj Liberecanoj (punkfolk Eastern), Kore (melody rock'n'roll), and future stars like Pafklik (Esperanto rap !), Tifen (folk), Melono (jazz) and Nigra Flago (punk). But the pilar of festival should be Esperanto reggae group 'Zhou-Mack et La Fève'.

Of course FESTO will propose other attractions, plays, movies, excursions, conferences, discotheque, etc ..

If in France, Montoire-sur-le-Loir is easy to find, located at approximately 100 kms west of Orleans.

For all information and inscriptions while places are still available :

Denis Rock Tamba -

After a length of difficulties, finally, Denis Rock Tamba presents his first video on CD, "Libera" (Free) produced in colaboration with the Congolese National TV.

Dennis Rock recorded the video with Masikulu Abba Afrika, group founded by André Mbongo.

Andre plays the guitar, Seya the African drum and Matsuda sings with Dennis Rock in a natural and simple rhythmic "Libera" (Free), "Mi amas vin" (I love you), "Edzin'" (wife). The last video title, "Savu la naturon" (Save nature) presents images of Kinshasa. The work is auto-produced and can be ordered directly from Dennis Rock Tamba :

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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