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July 2003

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Dear reader, hello !

This being only our second official newsletter, we have been reorganizing our mailing lists and hope you won't be inconvenienced.

We have gathered some news from around the Esperanto world for you to discover or follow the Esperanto music scene.

Following Mikalelo Bronsxtejn and Alexandre Belov's visit with Vinilkosmo we have began exchanges with Russia and have already enriched our catalogue with two new references, VKKD 54 and 55, and will be presenting 56, 57 and 58 in our next letter. Three other volumes of this new "Oraj kantoj" collection (Golden Songs) should follow soon after. These Garik Kokolija / REU productions are scheduled for release before the end of the year.

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Akceptu, mondo, nin amike ! - Elena Puhova & Mikaelo Bronsxtejn - vkkd 54

At her youngest age, Elena Pohuva began following courses at the Moscow Music Academy, and 'born a singer', as she says, is now member of the Russian Composers Union and accounts for several works such as the 'Ombro Ballet' or the 'Tom Sawyer Opera' ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Akceptu, mondo, nin amike !

Esperantujo mia - Mikaelo Bronsxtejn - vkkd 55

In "the song tree" of Mikaelo Bronsxtejn (also known as Bruna Sxtono or Pierre Brune) near a hundred songs have matured : lyric, philosophic, political, funny, for children, etc . . An entire branch is dedicated to Esperanto, the Esperantists, and their idiosyncrasies. A dozen of these songs appear on this latest CD " Esperantujo Mia " (my Esperanto world) ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Esperantujo mia


Civilizacio is ex "La porkoj" singer Alejandro Cossavella's new coming album from Argentina introducing his new group "Strika Tango's" (Tango on Strike :-)

The rhythmic and vocals were recorded in Buenos Aires and the keyboards and horns should be recorded in September right here in the Vinilkosmo Studio in Donneville (Toulouse France). Musical style mixes reggae with latin sounds and rythms.


Jazz musician Kaj Stridell from Swedish group "Trattbandet" has produced 9 JAZSPERANTO tracks. Many numbers are translations into Esperanto of some Ameriacan all time favourites.

The disc was published by the English label Artemis Records.

You can order it directly from Kaj Stridell:

"Kaj Stridell"

Or find out more at the official website:

A more complete presentation of this Cd will appear on Rok-gazet' N° 11.

Suda Kruco - Vinilkosmo

Partnership between Brazilian label Suda Kruco and Vinilkosmo has been developing over the past year.

After some technical difficulties our collaboration had been (temporarily?) suspended. However the idea of producing an electronic version of Rok-gazet' has made exchanges evolve towards another form. You will gradually be able to discover and read articles and information gathered for Rok-gazet' on the Suda Kruco website:

This electronic version will contain most recent information which should appear later under a more complete form in the paper magazine ...

A Rok-gazet' presentation site set up by head writer, Tony Guyot, presents the magazine even, with indications for subscription.

and there click on "Kio estas Rok-gazet'"

The LERNU Project

A new Cdrom presenting the contents of the multilingual "LERNU" site has just been launched!

This project will make it possible to learn Esperanto from a score of languages such as Chinese, Turk, Lituanien ...

The CDROM should appear during this summer's Esperanto congresses.

"Lernu!" contains several methods to learn Esperanto, dictionaries, grammar, many simple texts, games and even a little music along with lyrics.

All is explained in no less than 20 languages!

This work was made possible by dozens of esperantists from around the world and the financial support from the American "Esperantic-Studies Foundation".

Among the main collaborators some of very serious linguistic and technology experts such as Bertilo Wennergren, Cleve Lendon, Hokan Lundberg, Sonja Petrovic, Aaron Chapman, Clayton Smith and many more ..

For the musical parts, a selection was made after long discussion between specialists such as Gunnar Fischer, Floréal Martorell ;-) and Xavier Godivier (JEFO)... This selection intends to present a broad panel of existing styles in Esperanto, and should be good promotion for Esperanto music too !

Music Contest on Radio Polonia

Talk is going strong between the Esperanto section of Radio Polonia (French RFI equvalent) and Vinilkosmo/Eurokka for the organization of an Esperanto musical contest during Radio Polonia's Esperanto programs.

Keep your ears open this summer, after the Esperanto congresses, do not miss Radio Polonia in Esperanto because all the ingredients to win the contest will be diffused.

You will find the explanations, rules for the contest very soon on Radio Polonia's website :

Projects and News

- Lithuania

Anarcho-punk-core group PICHISMO has been included on the german "Comeco" and "Secondhandhaircut" compilation cds and is also featured by "Dhyana Records"

This summer the group will take part in the DHY050 compilation which will be a 12"lp vinyl record !!.

Glebo the leader and singer of the group has set up his own alternate label "DATURA PORNO", and has just published RUPTURE "S.A.T.A.N." 2KD-R. Maybe you remember RUPTURE from the nineties ? An Australian punk legend Australian !

Infos at: Gleb Maltsev

- Poland

Polish groups, "Pendumito" and "Krio de Morto" are recording new albums which will both contain some titles in Esperanto :-)

Infos at: and

Loose Info

- Solotronik (electronic music from Malaga) after a quite successful tour in the Netherlands during June, will be playing this summer for the SAT congress in La Chaux de Fond (Switzerland). He will be also be at the IJK congress and at the UEA (Universala Esperanto-Asocio) World Congress of Esperanto both taking place in Sweden.

- JoMo from Toulouse and Kim the Danish "Esperanto Desperado" accordionist and singer played several evenings during the USA National Congress of Esperanto in Boston at the beginning of July!

- Esperanto Desperado will be playing in a club in Götteborg (Sweden), city of the World Congress of Esperanto on Wednesday July 30, 2003.

- Dolcxamar reborn ! The Finnish group's new formula consisting of a real drummer replacing the electronic one and the X in their name changed to H was revealed at the IJK congress in Lesjöfors in Sweden for the pleasure of all the participants.

- KEF (Kultura Esperanto-Festivalo) will not happen this year :-(

In the name of the organizing team of KEF, Kim announces :

Finally we gave up organizing the festival this year .. not even two days, which was our last idea ..

We regret this unique opportunity to have a festival here in Skanie certain to attract a large public - immediately after the World Congress of Esperanto and only 3 hours from Götteborg.

The reasons we had to break this tradition, organizing KEF every 2 to 3 years since 1986, are multiple and would be too long to explain, but we would like to thank all those who contacted us, only having heard it may happen, and wanted to know where and how. This revives hope of doing KEF again in the near future!

Thanks to all the artists who were ready to come too, and we hope that the late announcement of this cancellation will not have been too great an inconvenience for them.

For those who do not know what to do during the week the festival was supposed to take place, check this out :

For KEF cancelled ..

Best regards

Kim J Henriksen

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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