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July 2007

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Dear reader, hello !

Esperanto continues to rise through its traditional summer festivals, maturing musical quality, and growing diversify from one year to the other, still unaware of borders and prejudice but sure of its future.

For those who may have thought that Kris Spitzers' group, Kore may had forgotten, here they are back after seven years of relative silence and some changes of musicians, with a new CD to hush the skeptics, and a beautiful demonstration in prospect at Festo 2007.

And what if Esperanto became fashion? Peter Weide from Denmark is working at it, in any case, and invites you all to wear his new line of shirts with discrete Esperanto logos and evocative slogans!

If you miss things to look at and read on, it's not for lack of matter, and if various and increasing actors of the Esperanto scene prove it monthly on, don't forget to order our innovations. and even our antiquities despite .. the groups surely won't blame you for it !

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Tielas Vivo - Kore - vkkd 88

Since Kia Viv' (vkkd26) produced by Vinilkosmo in 2000, Kore seemed to have recorded their ultimate and single CD, but that was without counting on group leader and singer Kris Spitzers' persistence who far from having lost his splendid voice has reached, with this new album, a simply majestic level !! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Tielas Vivo

Eksenlime - La Perdita Generacio - vkkd 89

Perdita Generacio (The Lost Generation) is an unlimited radical eco-oriented group. Eksenlime (Straight ahead with no limits) is the second record by this group though in existence since 1995 under the Swedish name "Den Förlorade Generationen" started singing in Esperanto only in 2003 at IJK (world esperanto youth) after changing musicians and direction ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Arta Lumo Festival from July 27 to August 1, 2007

The Arta Lumo (artistic light) festival invites you from July 27 to August 1 to the charming town of Kupio, at the foot lakes, in Finland, where the Finnish Association of Esperanto celebrates its one hundred years of existence!

ARTA LUMO will start with Esperanto courses on Friday afternoon, before the first evening shows featuring many of the Esperanto stars, then finish on Wednesday early afternoon.

Inscription for the festival includes, in addition to the cultural and artistic program a 'sauna' excursion sauna on Monday (food and program included).

Among the many shows, Dolchamar, Timo Väänänen, Duoble Unu, Natalia Strijxnjova, Esa Toivola, Solo (Eduardo Vargas Gutiérrez), Esperanto-Desperado (Amirs' band), Anja Karkiainen will be performing, and many more ...

For more information on the cultural program and to register, the ARTA LUMO website:

Or contact the organizers directly with:

Final program of FESTO 2007

Starting at 9 pm on August 20 until August 27, 2007

Monday 20/08/07 - Opening of the festival with an outline with extracts of the various shows.

Tuesday 21/08/07 - Tifen (folk), Ben (Accordion), Melono (jazz)

Wednesday 22/08/07 - Pafklik (rap in Esperanto!), Nigra Flago (punk)

Thursday 23/08/07 - JoMo kaj Liberecanoj (oriental punk-folk)

Friday 24/08/07 - JoMo alone (acoustic rock'n'roll), Zhou-Mack & la fève (reggae)

Saturday 25/08/07 - Martin Sen la Talpoj, ex-Persone (pop-rock), Kore (pop-rock)

Sunday 26/08/07 - International evening with the artists present and voluntary participants.

Information and inscription for FESTO:


(with 4 groups' music samples)

Esperanto and Fashion!

Peter Weide has created his own line of shirts in Denmark with "Esperanto Internacia Lingvo" discreetly imprinted.

A sober but effective advertising for the best of languages.

Esperanto exposed, and exported towards fashion.

For information on these creations and to order, have a look at:

More Esperanto on Myspace

Many new pages of extraordinary Esperanto artists to discover on myspace!

A very interesting site filled with information on the Esperanto groups and musician by the Kara paco club:

And then, not to forget our Vinilkosmo page:

Also, be sure to visit the music heading written by Flo (already 4 parts) in Ondo of Esperanto, a magazine published in Russia also in electronic versions:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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