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December 2007

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Dear reader, hello !

Already the end of a year that saw the scope of genres and artistic directions extend while our pioneers, always present or back, have all remained true to their passion for the essence of the borderless language.

Jacques Yvart, a pioneer if any, had scheduled the release of his new album for Christmas, but as is often the case in this world, too fast for the contemplating, he will most probably inaugurate Vinilkosmo 2008!

The representation of Esperanto on the web, mainly music and video, is extending dramatically, and even a new form of numeric album distribution is under experimentation on the initiative of Esperanto Rock group Persone .. to read about below..

Rap, Reggae and recently Gothic Rock are all claiming their ability to break the language barriers and will surely shine among our new references in the near future.

Meanwhile, two new CDs to imagine under your Christmas tree along with those that you haven't already on your shelves, all on, and two new videos to see too!

Merry Christmas to all, and our sincere wishes for a year as good as new!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

OK - inicialoj dc - vkkd t1

Initials dc is basically Eric Languillat producing and mixing sounds in his apartment in Frankfurt Main, Germany, using a powerbook, guitars, microphones, and music gear we won't detail ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Sen lim' gxis ... - Duoble unu - vkkd 91

Through this first CD "La Compagnie Double Unu" invites you to continue sharing their musical journey , from ballads to protest songs on music evoking our vast world ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Sen lim' gxis ...

PERSONE in torrents ..

We haven't heard much about Persone for some time, and this because the group, although geographically separated (Stockholm-Berlin-Seoul) claims to be just having a long pause, hopefully to be followed by a glorious comeback in the near future ?

Though their records, ".. sed estas ne" (VKKD 20) and "Sen" (VKKD 50) are still in our Vinilkosmo top ten, their first albums, "En la spegulo" and "Povus esti simple" have unfortunately been sold out for some time now. But for the first time in the Esperanto music world, Persone has decided to release these as 'torrents' to be downloaded through the many 'bittorrent' compatible programs, and available as full cd quality wav files, for free !!

To try to download the torrents:

More info on :

Meanwhile, if you haven't already done so, don't forget to order "Pli ol nenio" (VKKD87), Personne leader , guitarist and singer, Martins solo album recorded with Stockholm group, "La Talpoj" ! .. a big number, produced by Vinilkosmo, of course !!

Whity, Maxi CD Esperanto Volumo 2

After the success of Esperanto Volume 1, our genuine and peaceful Toulouse-Nottingham raper, Whity, has struck again with a second volume ! A really 'cool' Maxi CD telling us all about the essence of language and Esperanto, but in French and English.

Whity promises a rap song in Esperanto on his coming volume 3, but until then, his myspace site is really worth a visit :

And here, a promo video for this maxi :

Respect, love and peace !

New on Myspace

JoMo with the help of Vanessa is now on myspace :

Chilean esperanto-rap group, ex-La Zinfonia, is now Trackman Artifex :

Vinilkosmos Brazilian partner, Kosmuzik, specializing in video - also found its way :

And, in case we've forgotten somebody, Vinilkosmos friends on :

along with some new music to listen to !


In addition to Eurokkas free sign up site :

an Esperanto music blog has been created by our friend, Cez, to collect information and links for the artists, organizers and general public :

Wikipedia Esperanto Portal

The Esperanto section of Wikipedia

has exceeded 90,000 (90,025) articles on October 19, 2007.

The French portal with links to music :éranto

Many thanks to, among others, our collaborator Gunnar Fischer !

Ninth Kultura Esperanto-Festivalo (KEF)

KEF in Denmark again after two editions in Finland.

Here is the history of KEF since first held in 1986, and since, 8 times, always in Scandinavia.

1 - 1986 Sweden, Uppsala

2 - 1988 Sweden, Lund

3 - 1990 Sweden, Västerås

4 - 1993 Denmark, København

5 - 1996 Denmark, København

6 - 1998 Sweden, Lesjöfors

7 - 2000 Finland, Helsinki

8 - 2005 Finland, Helsinki

9 - 2008 Denmark, Elsinore & Sweden, Helsingborg

Subscribe now for KEF in Helsingør, Denmark, from 12 to 19 July 2008 :

Esperanto Gothic Rock


Valanya is the name of a day in the elvish calendar on which the elves feast to thank the gods for nature, life and wine. This takes place in the fantasy of Tolkien's novel "The Lord of the Rings".

The group chose this name because the musicians love the illusive medieval world of Tolkien. It's also interesting to note the groups name, "Valanya", does not exist in national languages as it comes from an imaginary dialect.

Valanya sings of joy but also misery, vampires, the Gothic soul, loneliness, castles in cold, darkness and frigid nights ...

Formed in 2004 and made up of 5 musicians : Nataly for vocals, Dominica on Bass, Sandro on guitar and vocals, Rafael playing drums and Cláudio the flute, Valanya members all living in Goiânia, the capital of the state of Goias in central west Brazil.

The group is the first to sing Esperanto in Gothic style and is preparing a twelve title album .. They also participated in the ITV contest for which a video was produced and can be seen on their myspace along with two demo titles :



Formed in 2002 in Basse-Normandie (France) Azawak, initially influenced by groups such as Muse, Linkin Park, Korn, felt the immediate urge to compose their own music.

Shortly after formation, the drummer left and Clémence, more comfortable with drums than the keyboards, took the place, handing the Roland EM20 over to his brother, Aymeric, who ended up with two instruments he sometimes plays simultaneously ! Thus restructured, with Emmanuel (guitar and violin) Azawak was able to complete some first compositions and play a few local concerts.

The group separated for school and became second place while their respective tastes matured listening to Gothic and rediscovering classical music. This did not alter the musicians determination, and the following summer, they decided to immortalize their first songs in recording.

Thus was born "Eveil", Azawaks first album, produced quite seriously on reduced equipment. Since then, the situation allowing only little practice, Clemence gradually moved to Aymerics second project, "In Spe Catharsis".

The remaining two members, Emmanuel and Aymeric, continued experimenting with new musical forms, such as a piano/violin duo, as well as compositions in which numeric technology plays a more important role.

Today Azawak is many disincarnated voices, a few grams of melancholy and a pinch of Esperanto to spice things up.

Nuklea is the latest Esperanto composition of the group, midway between Gothic, MAO and metal and other titles are in preparation ...

Nuklea was also shot on a video clip which is available on the farbskatol :

and a subtitled version in French is available at :

Zhou-Mack & la Fève, a new Esperanto album

After the success of Zhou-Mack & la Fèves stage performance for FESTO, at last an album in Esperanto !

The group has been working since this summer on new compositions and Esperanto adaptations of titles from their first album "International Love", and if all goes well, the disc should see the light in 2008 !

Though "La Rolls", "Strika tango" or "Esperanto-Desperado" have presented some reggae titles, a complete Esperanto reggae album will be welcome to help complete the wide range of music styles we try to represent.

To get into the mood :

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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