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March 2008

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Dear reader, hello !

As promised, but with some delay, Vinilkosmo opens the year with Jacques Yvarts new album after his recovery from a heart operation, which contributed to slow down the process, but this among an anthology of other small technical problems that make "Invito por vojagxo" an album that will count as one of the most symbolic of our productions.

The Duoble Unu CD already reedited two months after its release, our Hip Hop Compilation project waking up after some drowsiness, Carlos Devizia episodicaly maturing his rather unusual soundscape, and many other projects under way or about to succeed in 2008 all tend to predict a quite interesting year ahead.

While wishing you pleasant reading and a nice stroll through the many links that come to confirm the increasing presence of Esperanto and its music scene on the web, thank you for your time and attention !

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Invito por vojagxo - Jacques YVART - vkkd 90

For his 26th album, Jacques Yvart has chosen Esperanto, once again. This is not his first attempt with the international language, however, "Yvart kantas Brassens" (VKKD19) was released in 1998, almost ten years ago ! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Invito por vojagxo

Duoble Unu reedited

Duoble Unu CDs prompt success came as a surprise to the point that the group had to reedit, so, time to order your "Sen lim' gxis ..." if you haven't done so yet !

Hip-Hop Project

Our Hip-Hop Compilation project after pending for some time is now reactivated, and several artists have come forward and sent both finished material and demos.

For sure :

- Pafklik (Paris)
- Dolchamar (Finland)
- DJ Roger (Spain/Brazil)
- Tone (Antonia Moreira Brazil)
- Musabana (Norway)
- Jan Shroeder (Germany)
- DJ Kunar (Germany)
- Trackman Artifex (formerly La Zinfonia from Chile)

And expected :

- Rima Eterne (Poland/Japan)
- Argxenta nubo (South Korea)
- Marteno Minihx (Slovakia)
- Hotel-Desperado (Denmark)
- Whity (Great Britain / France)
- Tomio (Sweden)

Our challenge for 2008 !

Cxiam Bizara Lando (Always a strange land)

Carlos Devizia is a multi-talented artist from Argentina who navigates through painting, graphics, music and video.

"Cxiam" (Always) is the first song in Esperanto that Carlos has finished, but others are close or in progress and he plans to complete his album "Bizara Lando" in the course of the year.

Carlos offers an eclectic mix of sound sources, both electronic as well as more traditional like the saxophone, clarinet, keyboards and other unusual instruments such as the didgeridoo or ukulele, thus highlighting the multi-cultural aspect of Esperanto through structures and scales from throughout the world.

A video clip on the song "Cxiam" directed by Carlos and invoking a quest for freedom was published on "la Farbskatol" to announce the preparation of the album.

To produce his clip, Carlos has used a few films and photos from the public domain and created animations conveying an atmosphere as strange as his music :

Brazilian Metal Rock

The baRok' band founded by guitarists Rafael Milhomem and Rafael Muniz (Kadriya) is a new metal baroque group singing in Esperanto and based in the center of Brazil at Goiania, the capital of Goias state where the two Rafaels live.

Raphael Milhomem is an outstanding guitarist, playing both rock, metal and classical. He is also a composer and arranger and plays in a number of other Brazilian rock bands such as "Sunroad" and "Euphony" and plays acoustic in "Alma Brasileira" and the "El Ligno Trio".

He is preparing an Esperanto album a demo of which will be ready in the coming months and he will also be contributing to the Esperanto Metal project along with other singers from the Goiânia musical scene.

See Raphaels own site :

Our Other Projects

- Krio de Morto, the dark Polish underground group (VKKD35) is preparing a new Esperanto album despite Gregors move from Poland to Scotland ... They're also preparing their show for the World Esperanto Congress to be held in 2009 in Bialystok, the symbol city of Esperanto.

You can see the video on the EUROKKA page (free registration) :

Subscribe and you will be sent a login and password

- La Perdita Generacio in northern Sweden after the successful release of "Ek sen lime" (VKKD 89) is busy again preparing a new album for the end of the year.

- Argentinian Alejandro Cossavella la Porkoj (VKKD23) and Strika Tango (VKKD70) leader is working with the Brazilian label Kosmuzik' (and, perhaps in conjunction with Vinilkosmo) on his new album. For now, impossible to say under what name he will release his work.. so, surprise !

Meanwhile, a demo on ipernity :

- Kaj Tiel Plu from Barcelona announces more new titles than it takes to fuel a new album, so a 3rd CD should be coming in the near future !

Find their site in the Vinilkosmo Myspace "Top friends" :

Esperanto on Myspace

A continuous stream of new Esperanto artists are regularly appearing on myspace !

- Stefo, a new singer and guitarist from Berlin (Germany), seen in IS this year :

- Rafael Mihomem (see article above) and his acoustic trio :

- The famous VVPCx that also hit the headlines in a IS.

- Bluesman Doktoro Oakroot, USA (North Caroline)

- Powerpop from Madrid Tupelepone.

Several groups have also named their bands "Esperanto" without speaking nor singing the language essentially for the spirit, offering a fusion of different types of the worlds music.

- Cuban Dance Fusion

- A Rock band from Austria

- Italian Pop Rock in Rome

- Japanese Pop Rock band

- Electronics/techno group in Kaunas, Lithuania

- Punk Rock in Buffalo, New York USA

- Buenos Aires acoustic fusion

- Bolivian Rock

- Indie Rock group from El Paso, Texas, USA

Vinilkosmo on Ipernity and Facebook !

Vinilkosmos visibility on the web expanding through Ipernity :

And Facebook :

And other Esperanto artists are beginning to open pages on Ipernity too :

- Alejandro Cossavella, the famous Argentinian leader of la Porkoj and Strika Tango :

- La Pafklik (Paris rap group) :

- Flavio Fonseca (Brésil) :

La Ondo de Esperanto on Podcast

For quite some time several radios have been broadcasting their Esperanto emissions through podcast among which, Radio Poland, Radio Aktiva (Uruguay), Parolu mondo (Rio de Janeiro) ..

After raising some quite positive reactions "Ondo De Esperanto" recently issued a second podcast with news from the Esperanto world, a review of Jaques Yvarts new CD presented above and a lot more ..

Podcasts of "La Ondo" can be heard here :

and you may subscribe :

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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