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September 2008

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Dear reader, hello !

In this month's letter :

. La Perdita Generacio: New album

. Summer Retrospctive: KEF 9, other meetings,

. From Italy: Rêverie, Metal Rock bands ANIMAE, VECTOR ATREIDES

. From Elsewhere: Bertilo, Azauxak, JoMo's videos

. Alejandro Cossavella European Tour

. New Albums Brewing: The Pafklik, Krio of Morto, Espo Despo

. Web News: Myspace (Mayoma Diankembo, Samadhi, Zemankova) Ipernity.

. Not to be missed: ARKONES, congresses in Catalonia, IS, IF, AS, NR

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Eksplodigos vian domon - La Perdita Generacio - vkkd 92

La Perdita Generacio, composed of 9 members, 4 musicians and several assistants, are known throughout the Esperanto scene for their beautiful melodies, playful texts on serious topics and an atmosphere of tenderness, and this new CD continues and deepens the concept ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Eksplodigos vian domon

Summer Retrospective

- KEF 9

The 9th KEF (Kultura Esperanto-Festivalo) to be held in Helsingør, Denmark, could not take place as planned over a full week, mainly due to lack of finance.

A shorter KEF was organized, nevertheless, Saturday, July 12 in Copenhagen as a promotion for the next full KEF to be held from 7 through 12 July, 2009 in Helsingør.

This 'mini' KEF was still a very nice meeting with participants from Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium and Ukraine and opened on the day after the renowned Roskilde Festival that many people came from as it closed.

Despite its reduced programme, this get-together was still a first choice cultural 'KEF style' meeting with a conference on music, a writing workshop, games, movies and concerts featuring groups such as Inicialoj DC from Frankfort, Copenhagen bands Despo Espo and Esperanto de Luxe, and Swedish La Perdita Generacio also authors of the new CD presented above.

Catch a few views and the feel of the atmosphere through Kim's KEF 2008 video on :

and see pictures on :

or on : (album KEFeto)

Of course the 9th KEF, in July 2009, will be a major Esperanto event to be missed by no means ! You may subscribe in advance through :


- Other meetings

During the summer many other traditional Esperanto meetings were held with cultural events, concerts and more among which TAKE in Canada, UK, the World Esperanto Congress in Rotterdam, IJK in Hungary and several others most featuring JoMo, Natasxa & Carina, Jxomart and Paulo Mojajev just to name a few.

From Italy

- New Rêverie album

The Milan Folk-Progressive band, Rêverie, has just released a new album "Shakespeare, la donna, il sogno". Two Esperanto titles on this album, thanks to Andrea Fontana, one which, "Kiam the alvenos fino" can be heard on:

You can learn more about the group and this disc on Andrea's blog as well as on Vinilkosmo's:

- Esperanto Metal Rock

Marco Turco from Mondovi, is a new Esperanto musician, drummer in two metal rock groups, Animae Vector and Atreides that have both recorded two titles in Esperanto in their respective albums, "Akerono" and "Vengxo", presented during the IJK in Hungary this summer.

You can discover the music and groups on their sites:


From Elsewhere

- Bertilo

Bertilo Wennergren, Swedish Persone's drummer, and Birke, his companion have been playing music together and have begun composing and writing Esperanto folk songs with Bertillo on the acoustic guitar and Birke playing flute. Their first outlet, "dibocxulo", is quite promising and a demo is available on Bertilo's blog:

- Azauak, a Norman Gothic Rock duo, has just published a new song in Esperanto, "Gotsxajna", audio and video, on their site :


- JoMo's videos

JoMo is having a good time on Youtube making videos based on some of his Eseranto hits, a couple of which, drawn from his album JoMo kaj Libertarios (VKKD 18):

"Maknosxcxino" on:


"Al the barikadoj!" on Vinilkosmo's blog:

Alejandro Cossavella European Tour

Alejandro Cossavella, singer and guitarist of Argentinian, La Porkoj and Strika Tango, is coming to Europe for a series of concerts beginning on September 19, 2008 for the ARKONES festival in Poznan, Poland, then followed by dates in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Catalonia, and ending in Germany on 8 January 2009 this tour organized and coordinated by EUROKKA.

You can find an up to date calendar on Ipernity at:

For the occasion he has recorded a new CD to be presented throughout the tour and also opened pages on Ipernity and Myspace with some of his new music and a video to be seen:


New Albums Brewing

- The Pafklik will be in studio in October 2008 for a Vinilkosmo co-production of their first Esperanto Hip Hop album in Esperanto. This will be the first Esperanto Rap Album, and should be ready around Christmas.

- Polish Metal Core, Krio of Morto, still working on their Esperanto album, has to get along with their singer moved to Scotland, and having to jump from there to Poland to record vocals. In the meantime, to make us wait, the group has opened a page on Myspace where you can listen to "Mi staras", audio and video:

- Copenhagen trio, Espo Despo, created by Amir Hadziahmetovic (ex-Esperanto Desperado) is preparing a first album. It should not be published on CD but for download over the net which will be the first of a kind for Esperanto music!

Web News

On Myspace:

Apart from the pages mentioned above:

- Mayoma Diankembo, author composer from Kinshasa in Congo, with 5 songs interpreted by JoMo and David Gaines:

- German Reggae group, Samadhi, living in Banden-Wuerttemberg, presents "Verda", sung in Esperanto and on a video recorded during the IS 2007:

See also the group's official website:

- Japanese Zemankova from Kumamoto describe their music as experimental electro-acoustic. "Pluvo" can be listened to in Esperanto on their Myspace page:


On Ipernity:

Esperanto is gaining space on Ipernity for the greatest pleasure of the Esperanto lovers throughout the world thanks to its dedicated Esperanto interface. See Paul Peeraert's the article on the subject, 'Artikolo pri the Esperanto-parolantoj'.

Also, on Vinilkosmo's blog, a regularly updated list of Esperanto artists and musicians that present Ipernity pages:

Over the years the Internet has become a major agent in the diffusion of the Esperanto culture, and no doubt, the expansion has just begun.

Not to be missed

- ARKONES in Poznan, Poland, from 19 to 21 September 2008 with among many others, Ale Cossavella and La Perdita Generacio presenting their new album!

- Kataluna Transpirenea Kongreso in Sabadell, Catalonia, from 6 to 8 of December 2008 with Ale Cossavella and Martin Wiese.

- IS / IF / NR in Germany to celebrate the new year.

- AS in slovakie to celebrate the new year too.

And, as a conclusion of this letter, a short Video sequence of last summer's great FESTO festival:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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