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December 2008

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Dear reader, hello !

As often late announcing Christmas, scheduled December 25th this year, and therefore a bit close to suggest that you offer the Pafkliks new album to your family and friends under the tree, but in time to let you know this work is also a first of a kind as the very first and only hip-hop album completely sung in Esperanto!!

As we were waiting for this exclusivity to be available before we sent you our seasons greetings, and this explaining that, we're pleased to let you know it's not only available now on our home page, but even before its official release date, originally expected the first of January.

Having spent our energy getting this production published, we'll suspend the latest echos from the Esperanto music and cultural scene until a little later, and just join to wish you all:

1/ A Merry Christmas !

2/ A Happy New Year 2009 !!

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Fek al Esperanto - La Pafklik - vkkd 93

!!! EXCLUSIVE !!! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Fek al Esperanto

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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