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December 2009

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Dear reader, hello !

The great news is that it's already Christmas again and we're always full of suggestions on how to fill in that big ugly space under your tree, the choice being the problem we do our best to help you resolve yearly on ;-)

But that's not the only news, the second being Vinilkosmos growing effort towards virtual media, not too easy to put under a tree, but offering other great benefits such as price, delivery speed, and even the availability of some exclusively digital products, to read about below ..

While expecting an avalanche of orders and downloads, the entire Vinilkosmo team wishes you, a slight in advance, a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2010 !

Virtual Albums

Vinilkosmo has released its first virtual albums in FLAC and MP3 on our new download platform.

What we mean by 'virtual album' is one that will not or no longer be available on physical media, CD or other, and here are our first two:

- 'Revolucio in pajleraro' (revolution in a haystack) by the famous Argentine artist, Ale Kosabel (Alejandro Cossavella) who can also be heard on two other Vinilkosmo CDs, ' The Porkoj 'and' Strike Tango '.

This virtual album can be partially heard and downloaded from

- '62 Minutoj', the first work published by Persone on cassette in 1987. The album has been remastered and digitized twenty-two years later, and numerically reissued for you to discover or rediscover ..

These albums and coming that are not distributed or are no longer available on CDs, are digitized to meet the same quality through lossless sound format 'FLAC' which should gives full satisfaction to the most demanding.

A lot more to browse through on :

Release Forecast for 2010

- "Afrika kompilo" featuring two small albums by artists from Kinshasa, 'Konga Espero' and 'Mayoma kun JoMo afrikumas' (that's right, JoMo !)

- Reverie, from Italy, has been preparing an Esperanto album for several months that should see the day soon.

- An album by the first hip-hop Esperanto 'raper', Eterne Rima, entitled "Samideano", coming in straight from Tokyo. Meanwhile, a four track downloadable EP, "Por la Rep'" already available at:

For more information see:


Vinilkosmo Joins Indie Federations

Vinilkosmo just joined the FLIM (Midi-Pyrenee Independent Labels Federation) and has been a member for some time already of CD1D, the independent music labels federation in France.

The indie labels, such as ours are all contributing their expertise to address the crisis experienced in the world of independent music.

A selection of Vinilkosmo produced albums will be available in FLAC format as soon as January 2010 on :

This is also an opportunity to discover other artists and independent labels ...

The coming year should be a decisive one for Vinilkosmo !

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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