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November 2010

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Dear reader, hello !

Our formerly, almost monthly, newsletter seems to have definitely become bi-annual, new productions becoming rare for reasons explained below and our editors lacking time.

Nevertheless, we haven't forgotten you for Christmas, and two new cds to put under the tree already waiting for you on A new Dolchamar after a long silence, and a surprise from 'inicialoj dc', back with a first album entirely in Esperanto! Both albums are also available in mp3, ogg and videos on and flac format on

This year is also Vinilkosmos twentieth anniversary and a lot done during these two decades, both an accomplishment that the various actors can be proud of but also worried by the turn of the global music market ... are we concerned?

Among many other projects and news, the sad death of Flo's mother, Manola Martorell, to whom we all say a warm goodbye.

This letter is probably the last for this year, so a big Merry Christmas in advance to all, and stay tuned for 2011 that will surely be eventful!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Trajn' nenien - Dolchamar - vkkd 102

At the pace of an album entirely in Esperanto every five years, Dolchamar slowly climbs the stairway to consecration and confirms its personality through various artistic situations ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Trajn' nenien

Urbano - inicialoj dc - vkkd 103

French artist living in Germany, Eric Languillat, better known as inicialoj dc, has been leading his electro-video-musical project solo since 2003, appearing mostly around his home town, Frankfurt-am-Main, but not only .. ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Vinilkosmo is twenty years old

Since its first production in 1990, a good old 4 track 45 rpm simply named 'Amplifiki & Rozmariaj Beboj', Vinilkosmo has produced dozens of albums and compilations on CD and presents a cataloque with over one hundred references. Offering today a unique and rather complete panorama of the entire worldwide Esperanto music scene, Vinilkosmo was less into promoting a particular music trend than aiming to attract attention towards a universal language, and music itself being one, its relationship with such a melodious and border-blind language as Esperanto could only be a timeless involvement!

From an artistic and promotional point of view, the initiative has not failed to stimulate the talents concerned, and even helped some gain considerable reputation while pushing the sound beyond simple transpositions of tradition towards more characterized creations, attracting curiosity for Esperanto and its singers from a wider audience.

But the activity is expensive, and the current situation a growing issue ..

On the insistence of the younger wing to adapt music sung in Esperanto to the new available technologies, Vinilkomso responded by opening an alternative distribution of digital versions of its productions, organized and legal! Hoping the operation would level out the drop in sales of the cds noticed in parallel with the new craze for virtual media, the job has not failed to be quite time consuming and continues to absorb a good part of Vinilkosmos energy, but the results in return have been unfortunately dissapointing. The efforts, far from having made up for the losses or encouraged the public to buy more cds, the music itself seems to be spreading quite a bit, or at least, the propogation of iPods and other MP3 players observed in the different meetings tends to let us imagine it ..

But hey, let's not forget these exciting twenty years of activity that we want to thank those who have supported us and still do for, in fact, their achievement as much as ours. However, not to blame anyone in particular, the 'all for free' illusion being more due to the nature of the new medias than to any individual bad will, a question and a call to all in general still arises.

How can Vinilkosmo maintain the capacity to produce the many artists, promote and make their creations available? .. soon no more, and open for debate ..

FESTO 2010

This year, FESTO, the traditional gathering of the Esperanto community from around the world could not take place at the Rangueil faculty in Toulouse as planned due to an administrative decision by UPS, the meeting was moved to Vinilkosmo / Eurokka nearby in Donneville at the last moment.

Fortunately, after a month of intense work, the festival was an unexpected success, thanks to the organizers, but also help from the communes of Donneville and Montgiscard, the Sicoval and even the neighbors and participants.

The environement and a week of quality music, cultural activities and tourism were much appreciated! All in a festive and warm mix of visitors from 20 countries, Donneville, neighboring communes and Toulouse .. You can have a look at the festival photos and read the articles on:

FAM in Toulouse and inicialoj dc concert

The FAM (Forum of alternatives for music) organized by the LIMF (Federation of Independent Labels in the Midi-Pyrenees) was held in Toulouse from 3rd to 7th November 2010. Each music label concerned presented an artist as described here:



Vinilkosmo invited 'Inicialoj dc' for the release of 'Urbano' presented above. The concert took place around the closing of the forum at the The Mandala Jazz Club on Sunday 7 with two other artists, Thomas Bel presented by Annexia and BD Harrington on Travelling Music.

Inicialoj dc's concert pleasantly surprised the audience with the quality of the performance and video synchronized with the music, a colorful electropop sung in Esperanto but also in English and French for the pleasure of everyone present.

Also three of the videos, 'The kontrauxsenco' (the misstranslation), Tatu Papili ' (tattooing butterfly ) and' Berlino sen vi '(Berlin without you) particularly marked the set.

A concert rich and efficient!

Kapriol 'on Tour

Kapriol ' from Friesland (Netherlands) will be touring under organization by EUROKKA between 15 and 27 of April. The tour will go through Belgium with a date in Brussels and then move south with stops in Le Mans, St-Brieuc, in the Bordeaux region, Toulouse and Ariège, for the IREM in Sète and Crest,and all to finish in Germany.

Full details of the tour are available here:

IREM 2011

The Esperanto inter-association meeting IREM will be held at Easter 2011 from the 22nd to 26th April in Sete on the Mediterranean.

Second big gathering of its kind after Boulogne in 2005, the congress will present a particularly rich cultural and artistic program with meetings, conferences, trips, movies, theater and concerts every night featuring:

- FAMO (Paris)
- Jacques Yvart tribute to Georges Brassens for his anniversary year.
- Kaj Tiel Plu (folk-Barcelone /Catalogne)
- Kapriol'! (Balfolk Friesland / Netherlands)
- Patric (Song Occitan Montpellier) - JoMo kaj Solniska (world music, Slavic and Gypsy)
- Dominique Gautier will present a pereview of his film on the Esperanto movement

All About IREM here:

Current Projects

- Three videos by Konga espero: After the release of Afrika Kompilo, Konga espero has produced 3 videos that we hope to present by the end of the year on our download platform in the video section:

- HHK2: The project Hip Hopa Kompilo Vol 2 is evolving slowly but surely under the direction of Platano (Cyrille Poullet) and featuring many artists, new or coming to participate. Esperanto Hip-hop has come to life and Vinilkosmo should be able to release HHK2 in 2011.

- Brassens plu: The amplified reedition of Jacques Yvarts album of songs by Brassens sung in Esperanto is progressing well. Jacques having come to our Vinilkosmo studio to record vocals, we will be able to proceed with mixing and mastering while photographer Laurent Smajda prepares the record pocket and Nils Redoulez the booklet. A true team effort that should lead to a release planned for IREM in Sete at Easter 2011.

- Revado: Italian band Revado is puting the final touches to a new album. The project took much longer than expected the album being unusualy dense, a double album in fact, with a disc entirely in Esperanto and one in Italian. It is being produced by Andrea Fontana and will be officially distributed by Vinilkosmo.

- Metal Rock project: A slight long getting underway, our Metal Rock compilation project has, nevertheles, been attracting new potential artists such as KRONLARVO from Japan, a black metal sound already present on the web:

- Jonny M: Young German rasta, Jonas Marx, new to Esperanto has already been playing his first Esperanto reggae 'In Somero' on stage .. he learns quickly and has since been insitently invited worldwide. It would not be impossible that we get an Esperanto reggae album underway, and meanwhile we have taken good note of his proposal to be part of HHK2 .. meanwhile, a preview:

-Jim Petit: From Colmar in Alsace, Jim Petit has launched his Esperanto music project, 'Tero Turna '. A 'world music' concept on which he has been working for several months doing concerts and recording. Already three tracks and a video on his page at Mondomix:

and these direct links to his songs:

Namgyal Gompa Tsemo: anccol

Kshama Ajna: anccol

Kaj Profetoj the gardeno: anccol

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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