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April 2011

Our full catalogue

Dear reader, hello !

Still live n' kickin' Vinilkosmo is happy to present two new cds, several numeric releases for download, and many projects nearly ready to hatch.

Also a new web-shop proposing some very nifty esperanto t-shirts to wear while traveling around the concerts and other gatherings, blooming here and there, some we're already a little late announcing, but all covered around the end of the letter.

Some quick news there too from Eterne Rima in Japan, surviving as weel as possible the recent catstrophies that we all feel concerned about.

So read on, listen, visit .. and feel free to buy, of course !

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

duonvocxe ... tutkore - Manuel - vkkd 104

Manuel, a former electronics engineer now retired, has also been a longstanding Esperanto and music lover for decades, and although he denies being a professional musician, the quality of this new album, entirely in Esperanto, shows skill that has undoubtably matured over the years! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

duonvocxe ... tutkore

Brassens plu - Jacques Yvart - vkkd 105

For his 29th album, Jacques Yvart has chosen Esperanto once again to pay a fine tribute to Georges Brassens, commemorating this year (2011) the 90th anniversary of his birth as well as the 30th anniversary of his death ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Brassens plu

New on

We have just set up some old albums and songs by the following artists:


Albums: Kajto, Procesio Multkolora, Tohuvabohuo, Lokomotivo rulu nun!

La Perdita Generacio:

Album: Eksenlime

Jxomart kaj Natasxa:

Albums: Valso por amikoj, and Amu min.

Esperanto Subgrunde Kompil'

Eleven years after its release, Vinilkosmo and the Brazilian alternative label, La Blua Papilio, have released the `Esperanto Subgrunde' compilation for free listening, a Franco-Brazilian coproduction presenting 15 bands playing anarcho-punk, hardcore, grindcore, crustcore, trash, etc...

All the groups and coworkers participated in this compilation for free in solidarity with the Brazilian association IBCC in São Paulo, that received all the profits for their project `Liberty' helping women with little income to cure their breast cancer.

The CD graphics and cover art were the work of one of them, Lourdinha Borges, who wrote: `I hope all these pictures become symbols of strength and hope.'

Today, since the CD is practically out of stock, the musicians and producers agreed to put it up as a virtual albu for free listening in 2011 on the cd1d platform, with a bonus of four more titles from other albums and compilations:

- `Esperanto', Araukana, released in 1999 on their vinyl EP.

- `La bonaj vortoj', Pixamandurries, Catalonia, released in 1995 on Vinilkosmo-Kompil' Vol. 1.

- `Korespondi deziras', Picxismo, Ukraine, released in 1996 on Vinilkosmo-Kompil' Vol. 2.

- `Amromanco', Bruego la Rugxa, France, released in 1996 on Vinilkosmo-Kompil' Vol. 2.

All these are freely downloadable on:

and can be listened to on Radio Vinilkosmo:

And, a few last CDs for sale on:

Soon on our sites

- Hiphopa Kompilo Vol. 2 (HHK2) has finally been mastered with 17 quite diversified hip hop titles. As a result of a strong international collaboration of artists featuring Eterne Rima, Platano (La Pafklik), Dolchamar, Tone, Marteno, Jonny M, Diablo, Carina, and Bugge Bang, all brought together under the masterful hand of the artistic director, Cyrille Poullet, this compilation is certainly the most original of its kind.

The graphics are in preparation, and it should be released in May.

- The double album entitled `Revado' by the progressive Italian folk rock group, Rêverie, should appear at the same time.

- The Cuban group Amindaj has finished recording their album, and the mix master should get to Vinilkosmo by Easter, promissing a prompt release.

New `Esperanto Arta Kolekto' Shops

The `Esperanto Arta Kolekto' shop opened for the American continent on the 15th of March presenting the first collection of graphic art models in Esperanto on men and women's T-shirts:

The European shop just opened at:

Join in and send your comments on Facebook:

Note that the shop and its designs were created by Touche2style Création.

Japan and Eterne Rima

All our supportive best wishes and incouragements for the people of Japan who are suffering from the catastrophe that struck their country, with the earthquake, the tidal wave, and the Hukusima nuclear accident.

Our friend and artist, Eterne Rima in Tokyo, has taken shelter from the nuclear fallout with his wife and children in Osaka in the south of Japan, and greets all his fans.

He escaped without damage, but informs us that his musical projects are on stand-by until the end of the aftershocks and the untimely breaks in electricity and internet.

He has opened a page on Facebook:

You are invited to write in your support, and remind him that he hasn't been forgotten.

Do not miss!

- Kapriol's tour just began on the 15th of April and may be coming your way!

Here are the cities and dates :

- There are still a few vacancies for IREM at Easter!

The International Mediterranean Esperanto Meeting will be taking place from the 22nd to the 26th of April, and you can still join if you want to see Jacques Yvart's free concert in tribute to Georges Brassens, but you'll have to pick up your invitations at the Sète Tourist Information Center. There are also free shows by Kapriol', Kaj Tiel Plu, JoMo & Solnichka, Patric, etc.:

- FESTO 2011

A web site has already been opened for inscriptions and reservations for this special summer meeting. The program will soon be available at:

We can already announce that La Perdita Generacio, Platano of La Pafklik, Rêverie, 42 (the Geyer Sisters), Jonny M, and incialoj dc will be there!

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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