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August 2003

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Dear reader, hello !

Welcome to our 3rd official newsletter.

As we announced in our last newsletter, exchanges with Russia have come to enrich the Vinilkosmo catalogue with some new references that we have taken for distribution.

The "Oraj Kantoj" (Golden Songs) collection should be seven volumes, the three first of which are meant to present the more popular songs that were often heard during the Esperanto festivals and gatherings in the ex-Soviet Union.

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Ni Renkontigxos - Multiple Artists - vkkd 56

Oraj kantoj - Vol. 1 - (We will meet) The "Oraj kantoj" project was born in 2001. To make the selection, the team organized a vote over the Internet through which the Russian esperantists could chose from a large repertory of songs in Esperanto published in Russia during the last fifty years. This first disc was recorded in October 2001 in Tikhvin (near Saint-Pétersbourg). It was given the winning song's title "we will meet" ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Ni Renkontigxos

Amata Lando - Multiple Artists - vkkd 57

Oraj kantoj - Vol. 2 - (Beloved country) At the same time and place where the first volume of "Oraj Kantoj" was recorded, the team also recorded the songs for this second volume. All these nineteen songs were written at the time of the Soviet Union, and used to enlighten the life and the meetings of the young people of then (SEJT) ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Amata Lando

La Lingvo Por Ni - Multiple Artists - vkkd 58

Oraj kantoj - Vol.3 - (A language for us) "Oraj kantoj" 3 is the most 'international' of these first discs of the collection. Twenty-two songs from fourteen countries inspired the title, "A language for us (all)" and the modern Esperanto symbol on the cover portrays well the overall atmosphere. The songs were recorded in Tikhvin during autumn of 2002, and a slightly reduced vocal ensemble seems to have gained still higher quality ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

La Lingvo Por Ni

Jxak le Puil recording

Many people have been asking Jak for years to publish a CD, and it seems this wish may soon be fulfilled. During the SAT-Amikaro congress with in Cap d'Agde (France) Jak le Puil, JoMo and Flo met and organized the project. JoMo and part of his group, "Libertarios", will backup Jak on this album featuring ten of his most popular titles and five brand new. The Vinilkosmo studio has already been reserved for two weeks, middle of October 2003!

Only a little more patience required !

Esperanto culture and art data base

A new data base covering the cultural aspect of Esperanto is being set up and should appear on it's own website to help Espéranto artists and the various cultural actors getting in touch. The project coordinators are Esperanto music specialists David-Emil Wickströem (EAI kaj Eurokka), Flo (Eurokka/Vinilkosmo) and Nastja Kojevnikova (TEJO)

Around September, the Esperanto artists and event organizers will be asked some questions in order to be included in this data base.

Those interested may, as of now, get in touch at : or

A copy of your mail to :

"David-Emil Wickströem"

is kindly requested.

People qualified and ready to collaborate in other artistic areas (theatre, movies/vidéo, literature, painting, sculpture, photography, etc..) are welcome, of course !

Esperanto on the radio

If you wish to be kept informed about esperanto radio programs, just send an empty message to the following address:

Projects and news


Daphne Lawless (Dafnjo) from Wellington is preparing a new record in which she plans to include some titles originally written in Esperanto; The title may be "Small Group Psychosis". On her last CD two Esperanto titles have already been presented

"Daphne Lawless"


Do you remember Klingo, that Ukrainian Esperanto punk-rock from the middle of the nineties ? After having experimented with various styles, Klingo now plays maintaining electronic hard-kore with elements from punk, grind, noise, and even jazz ! In 2002 the group published a demo "plezuro" (pleasure) with 14 new songs and in 2003 two more "Oro" (in gold) with 5 songs in Esperanto and "Angulaj kantoj" (angular songs) with 37 songs in 3 languages - esperanto, kijoj and Japanese !!

"Klingo-Alexey Dokiyenko"


Have any of our readers living in the USA missed the annual congress of the League of Esperanto of North America (ELNA), in Boston? If so they missed quite an event ! Two of our most talented musicians were featured. That's Kim Henriksen (from Esperanto Desperado and Amplifiki) and JoMo (Libertarios). JoMo Plays the guitar, Kim the accordion, and both sing. The show was almost a miracle ; in the USA there are almost never any concerts in Esperanto, with dancing music (rock'n'roll, ska, and more.). The organizing Committee and in particular Jacob Schwartz, worked hard to carry out this dream, assembling the artistic program for the congress.

We heard JoMo and Kim three times. The first concert took place in a small room which, usually the coffee bar hidden in the M.I.T. basement. (Institute of technology of Massachusetts). The committee had stuck the publicty posters in the right places, so many non-esperantist students had joined in. They surely recognized some of the songs (the bamba, Cxu VI stole danci), but they could only guess what "Sola" was all about ...

The next evening, we, the congressmen had a picnic and were treated with a outdoor concert near the MIT. There was enough space, and some of the guests danced. Many students and visitors heard the music by while passing by and stayed to listen. Two congressmen distributed information about the local Esperanto club. A girl, who had been listening for at least a half hour asked me where she could buy CDs of our two musicians. I was conversing with a student who had stopped to see the concert, and wore a Tee-shirt from Haiti, (the student spoke English and Haitian). Then JoMo, who had noticed the Tee-shirt, started singing a song in Haitian (JoMo sings in a multitude of languages and holds the woirld record according to the Guiness book, with 22 languages!). This left the young man, as well as myself, quite astonished !!

On the last evening of the congress there was a delicious banquet, an auction sale with and some dancing. One of the objects up for auction was the right to sit down with Kim and JoMo, and I was one of the lucky winners gaining, and was able to speak with the two artists. I learned that they knew each other for many years, but this was the first time they palyaed together. I certainly enjoy listenig to Kim and JoMo's CDs, but now it will certainly be a doubled pleasure remembering these three concerts..

This congress will be a memorable souvenir for several reasons, but in particular thanks to Kim and JoMo.

Peggy O. Dolter


Some news from the International Youth Week by Gunnar Fischer : - More than 100 participants, therefore more than for IJF (International Youth Festival in Italy at Easter). - One excellent and and successfull concert by JoMo (during which DJ Kunar presented "Bamba" and "Ska-virino") - Every evening there one hour of Esperanto music in the discotheque . - DJ Kunar translated a song for "La Kuracistoj" (the doctors) - Music in Esperanto was also diffused at the public swimming pool.


Some comments over the World Esperanto Congress by Kim J Henriksen, Esperanto Desperado, the singer :

Unfortunately our bass player (Brian) could not come to play with us and I had to persuade my friend Las, to come with us to Götteborg for the concert.

Natacha and Jomart (The Kazakstan troubadours) played first part of the Esperanto Desperado concert, and we played one of their songs "Amu min" (Love me) together, and now, Jomart would like to do something more with us !

The concert was in two parts. The first went very well and the public seemed quite delighted. But we encountered some problems during the second caused by a lack of practice with Las (our replacing bass player), so after a pause we felt we had to regain approval, and I think we finally made it :-)

Next month we will be playing three festivals in Denmark.


From 16th through 23rd of August the 7th International Esperanto Meeting will be held in Plouezec, information at :

The following week and at the same place will be FESTO from 23rd until the 30th of August :

and to finish off, the Bretona Bubado from 1st to 7th of September.

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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