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July 2011

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Dear reader, hello !

Sorry for those of you living in the south hemisphere, but the sun is shining here and the birds are singing away despite the uncertain evolutions of the human world, in their mysterious although universal language.

Probably not the sun making us also sing for the world, but nevertheless a good occasion to meet at Festo, among other festivities, happening this year in the magic atmosphere of the Château de Grésillon from the 8th to 15th of August. Find out all about it at the bottom of this letter.

Two new releases to discover, and even buy .. the long awaited Hip Hop Kompilo II, along with a both stylish and fascinating new album by Italian band, Rêverie.

Projects, workshops and even a rather pertinent petition below .. things to read, visit, sign and listen to, wishing you a fine moment, under the shady coconut trees for the luckiest.

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Hiphopa Kompilo Volumo 2 - Multiple Artists - vkkd 106

Here's a hip hop compilation 100% in Esperanto, and just like the users of the International Language, artists are from throughout the planet ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Hiphopa Kompilo Volumo 2

Revado - Rêverie - vkkd 107

Ten titles to enjoy the sound of Esperanto, and ten in Italian, characterized by an evocative sound. This is what Rêverie, a professional Italian band created in 1996 by Milanese musician, composer, and guitarist Valerio Vado, invites us to discover ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Vinilkosmo projects

Amindaj new album from Cuba

The recording of the eight titles is ready, and we've just received the adaptation rights for two of them. We'll do the mastering and graphic work after the summer break, and we hope to release it before the year-end festitivies.

Thanks to all those who supported and worked on this project.


Eterne Rima's 2nd album in prepatation

The release of HHK2 seems to have inspired new artistic collaborations. Eterne Rima is already preparing a new project in Tokyo, with contributions from other Esperanto rappers. The nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima was a surprising inspiritation! This will be a must album!

Some videos of Eterne Rima's "free style" are available on his Youtube page:


Patric's album in project

After the warm meeting between the Occitan singer Patric and his Esperanto-speaking public at the French Esperanto Convention in Sète, the project for an album in Esperanto is in preparation, with the collaboration of JoMo (artistic director), Ludmila from Moscow (translation and adaptation), and Vinilkosmo. This could lead to the release of an album in 2012. Wait and see!

Meanwhile, here is Patric's discography:

Music Workshop

Three members of the Markov family, all active in the SAT-mouvement, invite you to their music workshop at the Kvinpetalo Esperanto Center in Bouresse, near Poitiers in western France, from the 16th to the 24th of August, right after FESTO!

During this workshop, Esperanto will be practiced by means of music. The heart of the program will be a song with several voices based on a poem originally in Esperanto. This song will be composed by a professional musician especially for this occasion. But other original songs will also by worked on, as well as instrumental pieces, all in the perspective of collective work. At the same time, Vinko Markov will present the history and context of the songs under study, and Anne-Sophie Markov will teach an Esperanto course for beginners. The workshop will end with a concert, and Lino Markov, who will professionally direct the musical part, will accept the participants with a guitar recital.

More information and inscription before July 16th:

See Kvinpetalo's summer workshop program at:

Petition for Esperanto in the Baccalaureate

The two principal French Esperanto associations, Espéranto-France and SAT-Amikaro, have united to organize a campagne to promote Esperanto as a baccalaureate option. This action, under the tutorship of Albert Jacquard, will continue until September 2012. Already a great number of political, musical, and associative personalities have publically signed the petition.

Here's the list:

You can sign the list yourself and invite others to sign it on-line at:

FESTO 2011

FESTO concert program at the Château de Grésillon, 8-15 August 2011

Inscription to FESTO:


Monday 8 Aug 2011, 9 pm: Get-Together Evening (free program)


Tuesday 9 Aug 2011:

9 pm: Songs by FaMo and Tarek, from Paris.

10 pm: Hiphop by Platano of the Pafklik, from Paris.


Wednesday 10 Aug 2011

9 pm: Pop folk rock by La Perdita Generacio, from Härnösand, Sweden.


Thurday, 11 Aug 2011

9 pm: Progressif folk rock by Rêverie, from Milan, Italy.


Friday, 12 Aug 2011

9 pm: Rock by "42", from Leipzig, Germany.

10 pm: Electro pop rock by Scarlet, from Angers, France.!/scarletsphere?sk=info


Saturday, 13 Aug 2011

9 pm: Electro pop by inicialoj dc, from Frankfurt, Germany.

10 pm: Reggae by Jonny M from Cologne, Germany. TO BE CONFIRMED.

-- or --

10 pm: Pop folk rock by La Perdita Generacio, from Härnösand, Sweden.


Sunday 14 Aug 2011

9 pm: International Evening (free program).


See the full week's program at

Musical Quiz at the Château de Grésillon

Before and after FESTO, Friday 5 Aug 2011 and Monday 15 Aug 2011, a musical quiz on the musical culture in Esperanto and its artists will be presented by Floréal Martorell of Vinilkosmo/EUROKKA).

See in the program of the Esperanto Cultural Center Château de Grésillon:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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