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April 2012

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Dear reader, hello !

After some big headaches late last year, the burning of the Vinilkosmo premises having absorbed quite a bit of energy, the first quarter of 2012 has nevertheless been rich in projects, and we're delighted to have more positive perspectives to unvail.

The big event is undoubtedly the first album entirely in Esperanto by Zhou-Mack Mafuila, an old roadster whose musical and cultural origins are just too widespread for the tail to be told in a language other than one made for the entire world .. to discover below!

Eterne Rima also has a surprise for us coming next month, confirming the presence of Hip Hop on the growing Esperanto music horizon, and an exclusive offer to grab during the entire month of May.

Along side videos and music samples, a new online radio to listen to, all explained beneith.

While wishing you a relaxing moment, thank you all for your support and interest in the Esperanto music scene!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Originoj - Zhou-Mack Mafuila - vkkd 110

Zhou-Mack Mafuila, already discretely present in our catalog with the group FreeMagniZhou on VK-Kompil II recorded in 1996, finally presents his first album entirely in Esperanto ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Originoj online

Of course, Zhou-Mack is also present on line with his new album, Originoj, presented above.

First, the digital version of the album is available for download in mp3 and ogg on:

and flac format on:

A videoclip of Zhou-Mack can be downloaded from:

And two samples to listen to at:

Eterne Rima - Double Pack

The second album by Eterne Rima, Taglibro of Brutulo (Diary of a bully), is currently being completed and will be available early May 2012. It will be available as a 'double pack' with this new album and his previous first album, Samideano (vkkd101). Be sure not to miss this exclusive Vinilkosmo promotion, available throughout the entire month of May!

Patric the Occitan

In early March Occitan singer, Patric, from Montpellier (south of France) began studio recording a new album in Esperanto with the assistance and artistic direction of no less than JoMo, and texts translated by Ludmila Novikova Moscow with the help of Andre Andrieux. Backing vocals on 4 songs will be recorded by June 2012 bringing the album close to release.

More about this new cd exclusively in Esperanto soon!


Radio Muzaiko has been broadcasting on line since last summer with all-day programs and music exclusively in Esperanto, an important percentage of which are artists from the Vinilkosmo catalog. Muzaiko and Vinilkosmo are working in partnership to develop Esperanto culture through web radio broadcasting.

You can listen to Muzaiko with your computer or on your cell phone with the Android program.

Muzaiko site can be found at: (to listen to the radio, just click on "auskultu".)

You can also use this program for Android:

or any other program you choose.

Muzaiko works through the Internet server Radionomy, that also hosts several other radios. For Radionomy to renew its contract with Muzaiko, there must be a growing number of listeners.

We are therefore counting on you to listen to Muzaiko and support broadcasting of your favorite music!

Fire in Donneville, follow-up

After the fire in our studios at the end of last year, and during an uncertain period of five months while Vinilkosmo had no insurance for the practice and recording studios, we have finally found a solution.

The studios are again insured since the 1st of April. This has only been possible through the Eurokka association, because no isurance company had accepted to cover the buildings after the fire in September.

Vinilkosmo, under the cover of Eurokka, has signed an agreement with a new insurance company to repair and make yearly checkups on the fire control and electrical installations demanded by the authorities. The repairing is now underway, and in February and March Vinilkosmo began demolishing the burnt up buildings.

The construction company has just begun rebuilding first week of April with the money provided from the previous insurance company. Unfortunately, this company refuses to cover the total cost of construction, claiming that the building was too decrepit.

Thus, Vinilkosmo will be building a lot for the months to come, but we haven't forgotten our many musical projets in progress, nor the ears of our readers!

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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