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June 2012

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Dear reader, hello !

Our 'monthly' news every month for a whole trimester .. wow 8-|

With new productions, coming get-togethers, cultural events and projects underway, it looks like summer is going to be hot and busy!

Following Originoj by Zhou-Mack and Taglibro de brutulo by Eterne Rima, always present on our home page and available in digital formats on, Manuel is back with a new pop song album featuring his first personal Esperanto compositions to discover.

Gatherings in Catalonia and FESTO for those who like to travel, groups and artists required for some fascinating projects, new resources on the internet with a coming return of the 'Esperanta Datumbazo Artista', the Esperanto artists database, inactive since 2008, and several titles from our Vinilkosmo catalog in a nice fat compilation offered by CD1D and more ..

All the details of Esperantos' presence, gradualy increasing throughout the world, to read below.

Wishing you a harmonious, warm and sunny summer!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Chu plu ekzistas Amo? - Manuel - vkkd 112

Initialy introduced in 2011 with his first album, 'Duonvoche ... tutkore' (VKKD104), Manuel, despite being a rather atypical artist, has gained the Esperanto communities' approval and good reports in the specialized press, and has been well encouraged to produce this second album ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Chu plu ekzistas Amo?

FESTO 2012 - Inscriptions soon closing

Not much time left to sign up for FESTO 2012, so do it now if you wish to participate at:

Here's a reminder of the program:

- Friday 17th, opening evening.
- Saturday 18th, Zhou-Mack Mafuila with African reggae.
- Sunday 19th, Espo Despo, a mixture of rock and world music.
- Monday 20th, Dolchamar, pop rock.
- Tuesday 21st, Jonny M, reggae.
- Wednesday 22nd, unannounced.
- Thursday 23rd, theatrical troupe Kvak presents Karotkapo (Jules Renard's Poil de carotte) + International Night.

Local groups will open each evening.

CD1D Compilation n°6

Alternative on-line music distribution platform, CD1D, has released a sixth big compilation consisting of four independent compilations and including several titles from our Vinilkosmo catalog!

The compilation features:

* A compilation rather Rock

* A compilation rather Song / Folk / Pop

* A compilation rather Reggae / Dub / Hip Hop / Rap

* A compilation rather Electro

Three titles in Esperanto, one from the album Originoj by Zhou-Mack Mafuila and two from the Vinilkosmo HHK2 compilation are present on the Reggae / Dub / Hip Hop / Rap volume.

Listen and download away at:

Espo Diablo

Espo Diablo, present on the HHK2 hip hop compilation, is looking for two or three Esperanto singers, or at least two feminine voices, to work with them on a pop music project.

Here is a sample of the kind of music planned:

You can contact them on Facebook:

or on Twitter:!/Diablo_REX

or, for further details, by e-mail:


The Russian Esperanto label, HEJ HULA!, is preparing a compilation of punk, hardcore, and noisy groups singing in Esperanto. They are looking for groups and need help in finding a title for the compilation. Your propositions are welcome!

Web page:



The 'Esperanta Artista Datumbazo' artist database

Inoperative since 2008, the data bank of Esperanto artists created in 2005 by E@i, EUROKKA, and TEJO is under renewal and refurbishing!

A month ago, a newly constituted team with E@i, EUROKKA, TEJO, UEA, and Muzaiko have began this gigantic task, and will hopefuly complete soon for the best of Esperanto culture.

Possibly accessible by the end of summer, with a new look and new applications .. more news soon ..


The web radio Muzaiko has been working in its beta version for a year, 24 hours a day.

Hosted on Radionomy, Muzaiko sends a continuous program of news, interviews, sound documents, all spiced up with a healthy dose of varied Esperanto music by self-produced artists as well as titles from the Vinilkosmo catalog and other labels.

Tune into Muzaiko, the coolest of Esperanto radios:

International Meeting in Canet de Mar

The Catalonian Esperanto Association and the Catalonian Association of Young Esperantists are organizing their yearly internationalist meeting at Canet de Mar, on the sea coast just north of Barcelona, from the 29th of June to the 1st of July.

Canet de Mar will be celebrating its yearly Local Festival at the same time, and that's why the meetings' program will adapt to the festivities so that all congressists can take an active part. There will be festive workshops of traditional dance and popular culture.

In the framework of this interculturality there will be, among others, a lecture on the Catalonian system of accepting emigrants in schools. There will also be games, excursions, and beach activities. This rich program will be assured by lecturers such as Abel Montagut, Rubén Fernández, Víctor Solé, and Mon Cardona.

There will be a great excursion and seaside picnic on Sunday.

As usual, the program will be bilingual, in Espernto and Catalonian, so that everyone may participate, including beginners in Esperanto.

Information and inscriptions:

Champ-de-Lumiéres theater in Gaâs

Petra and Ralph, managers of the "Champ-de-Lumiéres" theater in Gaâs, situated in the French Landes area, have recently learned esperanto and are happy to invite you to discover their 2012 cultural activities on :

After Belgium in 2013, possibly a great place for FESTO in 2014 !

For more information, contact Petra and Ralph at:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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