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December 2012

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Dear reader, hello !

After some silence, news has piled up, and we are pleased to share it with you as the end of the year approaches.

A new reference on Vinilkosmo's catalog, from Occitanian singer Patric, already very popular in his own region, and who wishes to share his musical culture far and wide. Also many other projects on the horizon, as well as a proposal to actively participate in their production.

The prize from the FAME Foundation attributed this year to Vinilkosmo's director, Floréal Martorell, for his note-worthy action and support of numerous Esperanto singers, has been received as a strong encouragement to continue the adventure, already more than two decades old.

If, as we hope, the end of the world predicted by the Mayas for the 21st of December 2012 proves to be the 184th mistake since the fall of the Roman Empire, Christmas will surely occur on the 25th of December, with no possible error in that case. So, it's high time to start buying your gifts, just in case, and of course, the numerous CDs available at are awaiting your many orders that we thank you for in advance.

Vinilkosmo wishes you, also in advance, a highly memorable Christmas and New Year!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Okcitanio - Patric - vkkd 113

Patric is a unique artist and one of the most famous Occitanian language singers. Along with a wide repertory of popular Occitanian songs and adaptations of famous foreign successes, many of his own compositions blend in gracefuly. He started out signing with well-known French singers such as Georges Brassens, Barbara, Mouloudji, Claude Nougaro, Yves Duteil, Raimon, Lluis Llach, and Pi de la Serra ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


JhomArtajhoj 2 - La arghenta albumo

The second album in a projected series of three, La arghenta albumo (the Silver Album) contains ten old songs, completely rearranged and rerecorded, and two new ones. All the songs were recorded between 2011 and 2012. JhomArt uses his own guitare technique much more often for better rhythm and to renew the songs' arrangements. The recording is purely acoustic with the intention of creating the same intimate, warm atmosphere that hovers over their live concerts.

While waiting for them to acquirie the necessary funds to release this album on CD, it is already available for downloading on the Vinilkosmo platform:

We hope that the CD will come out in December, or in early 2013 at the latest.

Vinilkosmo preorder campaign - just commit to subscription

Vinilkosmo is trying out a more active and participative way to publish new disks by Esperanto signing artists, and invites all those who wish to decide which album projects will be produced and released.

To do this, Vinilkosmo has launched a campaign presenting various projets that those interested can choose from and commit to purchase so that we know which to actualy produce.

Only those projects receiving enough promesses to cover the production and publication costs will be released as CDs. If the minimum is not reached, a CD won't be pressed, but the album may be released on our download platforms. Of course, if the project doesn't receive enough attention, it will simply be dropped.

The projects' future therefore depends on you!

In order to participate, you must:

- Go to the Google document:

- Check the boxes of those projects you wish to support, then choose the desired format (CD, MP3, OGG, FLAC).

- Indicate the quantity, type in you name, postal adress, and email.

- Sign and send.


The liste of projects in our campaign, 2012-2015:

* Patric. 1st album. Occitanian songs in Esperanto. 2012. Has just been released.

* La Perdita Generacio. 3rd album. Pop, rock, folk. 2012. In preparation, release anticipated in December.

* Amindaj, from Cuba. 2nd album. Traditional Caribbean music, salsa. 2013.

* Jhak Le Puil. New album. Songs. 2013.

* JoMo. 4th album. Pop, folk-rock. 2013.

* Krio de Morto. New album. Industrial-electro-metal. 2013.

* BaRok'. 1st album. Metal in Esperanto. 2013-14.

* Kore. 3rd album. Piano pop song. 2013-14.

* Jonny M. 1st album. Reggae. 2013-14.

* Platano, of La Pafklik. 2nd album. Hip hop, rap. 2014.

* Martin Wiese. 2nd album. Pop rock. 2014.

* Supernova. 2nd album. Rock, hard rock, metal. 2014.

* Dolchamar'. 4th album. Electro-pop rock. 2015.

Vinilkosmo, 2 bis chemin du Canal-du-Midi, FR 31450 DONNEVILLE, France. (CD sales) (MP3, OGG, video platform) (FLAC, MP3 platform).

Floréal Martorell, FAME Foundation prize 2012!

In 1988 Alois Meiners created the FAME Foundation in order to support culture in Esperanto. The Foundation attributes its FAME Prize every year for the sum of 3 000 Euros (this is the biggest prize in the Esperanto circuit).

This year, on the 28th of October, the prize was awarded to Floréal Martorell from Donneville, France, for his merits and actions in furthering musical culture in Esperanto for 22 years, with the Vinilkosmo label and the EUROKKA association. The totality of the prize will go into the projects presented in the submission campaign launched in 2012. Numerous congratulations for the entire Vinilkosmo and EUROKKA team came to crown the event! And the entire Vinilkosmo and EUROKKA team warmly thanks the FAME Foundation, the city of Aalen, and all those who supported us and sent their congratulations.

To see photos and press articles, click here:

Complete article in la Balta Ondo:

and in La Dépêche du Midi:

La Perdita Generacio's second album

La Perdita Generacio, already in our stacks under ref. VKKD92, are finishing their second album, Chiamen plu, initially expected for the end of 2012. Because of health problems, the sound engineer had to delay mixing the album, which finally won't be released until the beginning of 2013.

You still have a little time to commit to purchase this album in the through our subscriptionn campaign started last September. The album features songs written and composed by the band, but also, exceptionally, a cover readapted from the song 'Le déserteur' by Boris Vian. A real pearl that you mustn't miss!

Soon Jonny M.

The third album in preparation to choose from in the subscription campaign should be Jonny M's. A young Reggae singer on the rise, discovered during the last FESTO, and already discretely present in our catalog among the artists on our Hiphopa Kompilo Vol. 2 (VKKD106).

Look and listen at:



BaRok', Brasilian metal in Esperanto

Freshly added to our Subscripton Campaign, the excellent Brasilian metal group BaRok' preparing their first album in Esperanto.

We invite you to support their project by choosing them. But first get a taste of their music on YouTube:

Signo de viv', Inicialoj dc (i.d.c.)

Since August 2012, i.d.c. (Inicialoj dc's new designation) in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, has autoproduced a new album named Signo de viv' with eleven electro-pop songs in Esperanto. The CD should be available in early 2013, distributed on and downloadable from platform.

While waiting, take a look at what it's all about :

Shanti Dhun - Jim Petit is back with his slide guitars

Support Jim Petit's new single, Shanti Dhun", in the Battle of the Bands contest on the World Music Network label.

Click here to vote for the song:

Click here to download it:

Webzine EsperantoMuziko

Esperanto had no webzine, until now that is, with EsperantoMuziko.

You can take a browse at:

This should quench your thirst for Esperanto music knowledge. And also, it's no accident if Vinilkosmo occupies some important space in there!

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

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