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November 2016

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Dear reader, hello !

As almost every year, Christmas is expected around December 25th, sporting a big difference with our last letters to inform you about it, this one being well in advance!

A brief retrospective of our last releases on, including two new 2016 ones, and several others also available on in both digital formats and CD, are all described below.

The first production of the year, 'jOmO Okcitanas', was carried out thanks to your many pre-subscriptions, and we thank you all full-heartedly for your help!! Then, 'Bosniumas' by the Espo Despo band was produced thanks to your subscriptions to our ABONKLUBO which were decisive for the release of this album and necessary for the following.

Our thanks and encouragements to continue here:

The very latest creation, 'Sovaĝa animo' by the highly dynamic Brazilian BaRok-Projekto is offered in digital and CD, exclusively on as well as other new albums described below ..

Wishing you good reading, for one, but also some most wonderful end of year celebrations on behalf of the entire Vinilkosmo team!

Vinilkosmo Latest Releases

Bosniumas - Espo Despo - vkkd 129

Already present on our website since 2009 with the album Esperante (vkkd72), the 'Espo Despo' band had accustomed us to a mixed style rather folk-rock, pop and world music oriented in a quite recognizable and rejoicing direction, great to dance on ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


jOmO Okcitanas - JoMo - vkkd 128

Unless this is your first contact with Esperanto or you have spent the last twenty years on Mars, is it useful to present the very eclectic jOmO, highly renowned multilingual musician that never lets any cultural barriers get in his way!! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

jOmO Okcitanas

Kajto flugas - Kajto - vkkd 127

This is no less than the seventh CD by the Kajto duo, one of the oldest acts in our catalog, having begun in 1989, but still as energetic and inventive as ever, not to say more so ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Kajto flugas

SUPERBAZARO - Martin & la talpoj - vkkd 125

The first CD, "Povus esti simple" (vkkd11), recorded with Martin Wiese's previous band, 'Persone', is almost twenty years old now, and classes Martin among the pioneers of Esperanto Rock! ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :


Sen elizi' - Jhak Le Puil - vkkd 124

No less than ten years after "Mi estas" (I Am) (vkkd73), on our catalog since 2004, Jhak is back, just as contesting, funny, and sentimental as always ....

To find out more, hear a sample or order online now :

Sen elizi' III

We are very pleased to present the third version of our download platform which has been redesigned with a new logo and look and many technical improvements that have been made at security, integration and other levels.

From now on, new physical albums (CDs) will be available on this site along side the digital versions , the older cds remaining available on

On you can also find the Vinilkosmo ABONKLUBO, an annual subscription to the 1Dtouch fairtrade platform where you can listen to the entire Vinilkosmo catalog as well as over a million other titles from independent labels compatible with any type of supporting system including Android, webapp, standard browsers.

You have been more than 100 this year to have joined the ABONKLUBO and next year we hope you will be more than 200!

We thank you for your support in publishing and producing our borderless music with your contributions to the ABONKLUBO among others.

Right here if you're impatient ;-)

Without you, nothing is possible!

New releases on

Sovaĝa animo

By the Brazilian Power Metal Group, BaRok-Projekto, winners of the 3rd Kontakto magazine Musical Contest!!

Digital Versions, MP3, Ogg and FLAC, and CD, available at:ĝa-animo.html


jOmO Okcitanas

Digital, MP3, Ogg and FLAC versions available at:


Bosniumas by Espo Despo

Digital, MP3, Ogg and FLAC versions available at:



A new album featuring Spanish electro trip hop jungle, Solotronik.

Digital, MP3, Ogg and FLAC versions available at:


Digital reissues of exhausted CD albums by leading Swedish band, Persone

- En la spegulo

Digital, MP3, Ogg and FLAC versions available at:

- Povus esti simple

Digital, MP3, Ogg and FLAC versions available at:

Thank you for your interest and attention.
Plej muzikajn bondezirojn al chiuj legantoj !

Written for you by Floréal Martorell and Mark Eaton

Please feel free to link to this page or any from the archives page, always up to date at :

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